The scourge of a writer

Any writer will tell you that writers block can strike at any time. It’s one of those things that no one really knows what causes it or why but when it strikes it can be crippling. I’ve had it affect me too many times in my short career and each time it happens I sit in despondency hoping it’ll go away soon, but it never does. There are a few tips writers employ to get through this and there are many forums where this problem is discussed at length but the fact of the matter is, you have to use what works for you. Not every tip is relevant for each writer because we all have our own ways of working. What works for me though, and the important thing here is that it doesn’t always work, I’ve tried several ways and this has been the most successful, is to write anything. Each time this method/trick has worked I have started writing a different story, something that I played around with. It may have started with just a few lines which developed into a bit of a story which then went on to become another series, eventually. The first time I tried this trick I was trying to write the next installment in the Col Sec series and due to personal issues, we were in the process of moving home and it wasn’t going well, I found little time or will to concentrate on anything remotely Col Sec. I had to write though, and when I had the free time to sit and actually do something nothing would come so I played around with what was then just a germ of an idea. It got me through until we had finally moved and had settled in our new home which saw me able to return to Col Sec. The idea I had played around with eventually became The Satan Strain which I self published under the pen name of Jack Dillon. This time I find myself struggling with another Col Sec book and I think a number of things have attributed to the block, one of which is settling in to a new routine with a new job. I’m really enjoying working at my new place, it brings back memories of when I was a teenager on an apprenticeship and all the fun I had starting out in a career that, back then I had no idea would span over forty years. It’s difficult to explain but for the last twenty years I worked at a job that although I knew exceptionally well, I was always learning something new. Unfortunately what I was learning was how not to treat your employees, how not to run a business and no matter how well you did your job, someone, somewhere would find fault. To say it was difficult would be somewhat of an understatement. This time around I have found somewhere that respects experience, treats their employees as humans and is fun to go to. There are some who have their moans and groans, that is normal, you can’t please everyone and the job is by means perfect but it helps pay the bills. The transition from where I worked to where I am now has taken a little longer than I expected and yet in some cases it seems sooner than realised, hence the block. I tried my trick once more and yesterday I found what started out as an idea formed into what could be another series. The important thing though is I think it helped me get through the block and back into the Col Sec adventure I was writing. This blog post is a point proving that I have begun the road to recovery.

This tip/trick, whatever you want to call it, might not work for everyone but it certainly helps me, and like I said earlier, not every time either. If you find yourself stuck unable to write the best advice I can give you is try not to worry about it to start off with. Worrying only makes it worse, that much is true, and it’s only wasted energy anyway. If I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that it’s pointless to worry about things beyond your control. What will happen will happen whether you worry about it or not. So if you get hit by the scourge of every writer just do what works for you, try different tricks until you find something that works. You never know, you could end up writing something that becomes a best seller.

New project

Hi there,

the last time I posted a blog I mentioned that I was suffering from writer’s block again. It seemed since moving house and finishing off Retribution I was finding it difficult to find a project to focus on, well that seems to be over now.

I have several projects that need my attention, the second part of the Jack Flynn series, The Satan Strain, a new idea I have worked on that may or may not turn out to be another series and of course the next installment in the Col Sec series. Which one of these will be completed first is still up for debate. The moment I have any more news on this subject I’ll post it on her.

See you soon,



Return of the dreaded writer’s block

Hi there,

since we moved back to Staffordshire and I completed Retribution I haven’t been able to settle on anything to write next. I have so many ideas running around in my head but not one of them will coalesce into a fully formed one. I’ve sat down to try and start a new project but always come away disappointed. I’ve started one particular story twice so far and dabbled with at least three other story ideas.

I don’t know when this recent bout of writer’s block will end but I know it will and once it does I’ll be back at my laptop hard at work.

In the meantime I’d be pleased to know what your feelings are on the fourth installment in the Col Sec series, Retribution.

That’s all for now,

see you soon




Hi there,

since  my recent post about writers block, which commented on my recent situation about being unable to write much of anything, I’ve managed to break through and start writing once more.

I’ve received some comments and helpful tips and hints on the last post and I would like to thank all those who read and contributed. It was very nice to hear from you and your thoughts actually helped.

I’m now back into the swing of writing once more, the ideas are flowing and I’m really excited about my new project.

The Ronin proof reading stage is also coming along nicely and look out for a sample coming soon.

That’s all for now folks,

see you soon,


Writers Block

Hi there,

while I’ve been waiting for my re-working of Ronin to be edited I’ve started a new story and hopefully this will generate into  another series, but here’s the thing. Writers block has struck again, I have a basic idea of what I want, the outline is almost complete but getting it to manifest onto the computer is becoming almost impossible. I sit down to write and nothing comes and its really frustrating.

I want to write something of value and not just for the sake of seeing words appear before me, which is basically what I’m doing here, trying to stimulate the creative flow.

This has happened before and its usually triggered by something and once I’ve recognised what that trigger was I can address the problem and I’ll be able to continue with the story.

Hope its soon this is really getting me down,

see you soon,