The Invisible Blog.

I recently relaunched the third book in the Col Sec series, Discovery and to help it along I employed a marketing company. This company took control of all my social media so they could run the campaign which went well.

Since the campaign started though I have oticed something I find a little strange. Although my twitter followers increased by at least half as many again the views I got for my blog had dropped off to nothing.

I’m not sure if this is something to do with content, because I don’t think I’ve been blogging about anything radically different from what I usually write about. Perhaps readers are expecting more content about the books, I’m not sure and with this seemingly not being read I can’t really ask you for any suggestions.

It is a strange situation but one I will find my way through one way or the other.

Until next time.


Writer’s Blog

Hi there,

for the past few days I’ve been busy writing the next book in the Col Sec series along with getting ready for some PR work that is going to start real soon so I haven’t had the time I’d like to devote to my blog.

I also found that every time I sat down to post a new piece I couldn’t think of a thing to say that seemed relevant to what was happening. I could say something about world events, but that’s not really what this blog was set up for. I could let you know what I’m doing at present in the Col Sec series but I’m so far in front of what’s been published so far that it wouldn’t seem fair. I could also let you know what I have planned for the near future but every time I do that something happens to either stall it or prevent it from happening altogether, so where this is concerned I’m just going to say that there are some changes on the way.

So this is where I am at the moment, waiting for the weather to improve, writing as much as possible and working towards making the Col Sec series the best sci fi ride out there. The question I would like to ask is do any other bloggers out there find themselves in a similar situation where they can’t find the right subject matter to share, and if so how do they work around and/or through it?

That’s all for now see you soon,


Internationally read blogger

Hi there,

every now and then I try to get myself motivated to blog more often. There was a campaign doing the rounds when I first started a few years back now that set out a schedule for bloggers to write either once a day, once a week or month and so on. Well I tried the once a day and that didn’t work so I tried once a week but I found that because I’d set myself a schedule there was no way I could keep to it. Life always seemed to interrupt in some way or another.

Today I was thinking that I really should do this on a more regular basis and I think that one of the reasons I don’t, apart from the time constraints my job, writing my book and life in general place upon me, is that I don’t think anyone actually reads my blog.

That was until a few days ago.

A few days ago I posted my latest piece  entitled ‘Where have all the hero’s gone?’ and a day later I dutifully checked my stats and the usual few hits were there, a couple from the UK where I live, which I put down to family and friends and then also a few from the US. This is not unusual as I’ve made contact with a few people across the pond and I put the figures down to those. The day after that though I registered a few from the UK and US as well as from the Republic of Korea and Mauritania.

I can now boast that I am an internationally read blogger. That may be small potatoes to those of you out there who have actual followers who make themselves known to you but to me this is a big deal.

That is why I am making a concerted effort to blog on a more regular basis. If these people  take the  time and trouble to read my work then the least I can do is give them something to read. I cannot guarantee the quality of the work but I can guarantee it’ll be there.

That’s all for now,

see you soon



Hi there,

since  my recent post about writers block, which commented on my recent situation about being unable to write much of anything, I’ve managed to break through and start writing once more.

I’ve received some comments and helpful tips and hints on the last post and I would like to thank all those who read and contributed. It was very nice to hear from you and your thoughts actually helped.

I’m now back into the swing of writing once more, the ideas are flowing and I’m really excited about my new project.

The Ronin proof reading stage is also coming along nicely and look out for a sample coming soon.

That’s all for now folks,

see you soon,


Writers Block

Hi there,

while I’ve been waiting for my re-working of Ronin to be edited I’ve started a new story and hopefully this will generate into  another series, but here’s the thing. Writers block has struck again, I have a basic idea of what I want, the outline is almost complete but getting it to manifest onto the computer is becoming almost impossible. I sit down to write and nothing comes and its really frustrating.

I want to write something of value and not just for the sake of seeing words appear before me, which is basically what I’m doing here, trying to stimulate the creative flow.

This has happened before and its usually triggered by something and once I’ve recognised what that trigger was I can address the problem and I’ll be able to continue with the story.

Hope its soon this is really getting me down,

see you soon,









New hope

Hi there,

in the last few months whilst writing my third installment of the Col Sec series I’ve wondered if all the work and effort has been or is going to be worth it. Then I saw a link to a writer named Dean Wesley Smith who has a blog and on this blog he explodes some of the myths associated with writers, writing and the publishing industry and it’s given me new hope.

Some of the stuff he writes about is eye-opening to say the least, and I must say it has given me somewhat of a new outlook on the entire thing.

A lot of the myths about writing are perpetrated by other more successful writers or writers who’s egos are bigger than their abilities and knowing that has helped give me the confidence to continue with what I’m doing.

I know deep in my heart that some day I will be able to be successful in what I do, that the Col Sec series will begin to sell and when that happens I can look back with pride and be glad that I didn’t listen to the doubters.

Pretty soon the cover for Omega will be completed, the editing will be done and dusted and I can get the book out there for you to sample or buy and enjoy. Hopefully by the end of the year the third installment, Discovery will be following into publication and people will be able to see how all the stories are linked and come together in a really cool way. For those who read them and become fans, what I’ve planned for the fourth installment will blow you all away.

That’s just the start folks, stay around, I promise you a great ride.

See you all soon,



It seems my interview on has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but I promise that as soon as I know anything about when it’ll go online I will post the news on here.

How a few short words opened the door to an exciting new world.

Hi there,

it’s strange how something so obvious can be overlooked so easily.

I clicked on the link for better blogging in 2011 and followed it through to the ‘writing headlines’ feature and after reading the tips it occurred to me that it was as plain as the nose on my face. It couldn’t have been more obvious if it had slapped me in the face which led me to wonder what other things are so obvious that we overlook them because of their obviousness? There must be many examples and I’m throwing the floor open for anyone to start off a list of these things. It may be trivial, but it’s just a bit of fun, so go on guys let’s see what we can come up with.

See you soon,


Ideas for Post once a week/2011

Hi there,

I read recently about an idea the admin have had for giving people on wordpress inspiration to write more, and thought I’d give it a go.

Two ways this idea can be used, post every day or once a week, I thought I’d try the once a week thingy and anything after that is a bonus.

Not putting too much pressure on myself I’m trying this unofficially, by that I mean I’ve not added the tags required to enter this thing, I’m not sure if it’s a competition or just something someone suggested to give people like me a chance to connect with other a little more and at the same time gain some experience in blogging.

However, so far I’ve managed to add a post every day since seeing this and I’m quite enjoying it. I can’t guarantee the input will remain at this level once I start back to work on tues but I’ll certainly try.

I know this sounds a bit like waffling, a lot of words that don’t really mean or say much but if the purpose of the idea was to get people like me to blog more regardless of the content then so far it’s been a success. In time the quality of the content will improve I’m sure, no one who writes get’s worse at it the more they do so having said that, I bid you farewell for now,

see you soon