Jack Dillon

The Satan Strain AMAZON LARGEJack Dillon evolved from my love of thrillers in the Jack Higgins, Mathew Reilly, Clive Cussler mould and there is a bit more than a trace of James Rollins added into the mix.

There are two series written under the pen name of Jack Dillon, both are modern thrillers.

The SI6 series is an action espionage series very much along the vein of  Jason Bourne or James Bond, perhaps a mixture of the two is more accurate.

Then of course there is the ATLAS Force series, I suppose stemmed from my love of the old UNCLE TV series but it has a bit of a Rollins twist to it.

The Death List front cover

SI6 Series: Book 1

Once again, each book in these series has it’s own page dedicated to is…ENJOY!