Col Sec Series: Book 6 – Resurrection

ResurrectionTartaran, the planet of deadly secrets is being held by the Elysium Alliance. General Sinclair of Col Sec thinks it’s time for that to change. He sanctions a new mission for those under his command in the Wildfire Initiative.

Kurt Stryder, recently reunited with his lost love Zara Hardy, now a vital member of the Wildfire Initiative too, is sent back along with Zara and the Wildfire Team led by Jake Riley.

Major Solon determined to exact a bloody revenge on Kurt for the death of his father, chases him to Tartaran.

Elsewhere Matt Hawk is on a mission of his own.

He goes on a hunt to root out the new commander of the terrorist organisation OMEGA, taking the fight to them.

In this new thrilling adventure that sweeps across the galaxy the Wildfire Team and Matt Hawk find themselves fighting toward the same goal in a bitter fight for survival.

Many new truths are uncovered and in the final battle, when all seems lost, only one side can survive.

In the latest book of the Col Sec series, Jan Domagala takes the reader on another wild ride where the stakes are higher and the danger more deadly. Resurrection is another stunning addition to an already fantastic series of futuristic high adventure.

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on July 30, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This was an interesting read. It was the first I have read from this series and thankfully you don’t have to read the others to understand this series. That being said the beginning I was scrambling to play catch up on who and what everyone was but once I figured it all out it made total sense and wasn’t an issue to keep up with. The characters fought in life and death situations and fight for survival. The writing is amazing and kept me wondering what was next in this story and with them. I loved the different planning and the powers some people have. The writing was face paced and fun to read. Jan did an amazing job at holding my attention and making me want to be a part of this story.

on October 25, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

In the world of Col Sec, the security arm of the Confederation, there is discord within their rival camp, the Elysium Alliance. The military, led by General Solon has plans that could throw the two galactic adversaries into another war, a war the Alliance is unprepared for. Senator Mikal Tovaric is well aware of this and is willing to risk everything to save lives.

General Solon is unmoved by the doves in his ranks. He is intent on the Black Knights unraveling the mysteries of Tartaran, a forbidden planet the Confederation and Alliance have fought over in the past. That world holds secrets that have the potential of producing weapons that could tilt the balance of power toward the Alliance, if only they can grasp foothold onto that world in the form of a colony.

General Sinclair does not want this to happen, so he sends his special Wildfire team to Tartaran led by Kurt Stryder, a man who has benefitted from a serum created from the indigenous life on that world that has given him super-human abilities.

That’s not the only problem that awaits readers in book six of Jan Domagala’s Col Sec series. OMEGA is back and headed by Tanya Wilde. Matt Hawk decides to infiltrate the organization, uncover its secrets, and cause as much chaos as possible to render OMEGA impotent.

Basically, those are the two sub-plots that inevitably merge in Resurrection. I found the author’s writing style to be fast paced and exciting. His characters move from one setting to another in life and death situations as they fight for survival over their adversaries.

Though I found Domagala’s plots well thought out and reached satisfactory conclusions, I would have liked to see more descriptive settings and less repetition in the use of language—something a good editor could have caught.

However, Resurrection: A Col Sec Novel is an exciting read for mature YA and adult readers. It’s not Star Trek, but more like Star Wars with an edge.

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on February 26, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
While it’s the sixth in the series, Resurrection is the first Col Sec novel that I’ve had the pleasure to read. I must admit, when I first started reading, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the characters and understanding how they fit together. It didn’t take long, though, for them to come alive and get absorbed into their world. I enjoyed getting to know all the team members and their talents, exploring new worlds and learning new terminology. Who knows how soon the day may come when what we consider Sci-Fi now becomes Sci-Fact. Kudos to those in the future that may be tasked to explore dangerous planets of their own. Personally glad I can read about and experience the adventure from my nice cushy chair and a/c! If you like exploring new worlds, battling against the bad guys (or are they, really?), I encourage you to check out RESURRECTION. Thanks Jan Domagala for the new read and I look forward to catching up on all of the Col Sec series.

on September 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I liked this novel because of the two storylines and of the two opposing perspectives. He does a wonderful job transitioning between stories. The theme of this book of two opposing governments, one with advanced technology not wanting the other to know about or have is reminiscent of what’s going on in our world today. This is another really fast paced book and one that I would recommend especially if you have read his other stories in the Col Sec series.

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