Col Sec Series: Book 5 – Extinction

ExctinctionIn Ronin we were introduced to Captain Tony Storm, call sign Guardian and his team, Hacker and Cowboy, in Extinction they take centre stage.

2433CE and a plan to enhance the military goes terribly wrong and is covered up, something that General Sinclair, the Head of Col Sec has had to deal with for the past twenty five years.

An attack on a defunct base in deep space by an old enemy threatens to unleash a horror on mankind that could cause its end.

Guardian and his team find themselves pushed to the forefront of the struggle.
Can they stop this secret from escaping or is mankind doomed to extinction?

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on August 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Let me start with this caveat, I generally prefer character driven novels with less shooting and blood, that being said, I’ll get on with the review.

This was a fast paced, action packed, plot-driven science fiction novel. I like how he builds the world as he goes along instead of world dumping at the beginning. This adds to the suspense in the first few chapters as the reader is trying to get a footing as to what is going on. With so many characters to introduce in so few words, it would be difficult for anyone to begin to build that many characters in such short format. I hope that in future books that he will build the characters more, but perhaps this book is not written for those who prefer character driven novels.

His writing style is fast paced and occasionally outpaces the reader, but it does provide all the elements of an excellent story. I like the drama and tension that is created in such a short space. I like how his writing is engrossing and encompassing.

While this is not the type of book that I personally prefer, I think that those who prefer the fast paced, action packed novels will love this short story. It is well written, encompassing, and professionally packaged. I would recommend this to anyone who likes science fiction, science fiction thrillers, or fast paced action thrillers.

on July 22, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Extinction is Jan Domagala’s fifth Col Sec thriller. The 85 page sci-fi novella begins 25 years prior to the story’s action when General Sinclair, the head of the Colonial Security Intelligence Division (Col Sec), the security arm of the Confederation, was forced to deal with a military problem that went south, and naturally covered up.

A quarter of a century later, a terrorist group discovers the whitewash and plans to hijack the horror that could eradicate humanity from the galaxy within a generation.

Captain Tony Storm, aka Guardian and his crew are called in to stop the terrorists from unleashing the devastation from its holding cell on Tarsus II, a moon orbiting Tarsus Prime.

From the start, Jan Domagala pulls out all stops to this pulse throbbing sci-fi thriller. This exciting novella will not disappoint Col Sec fans, and provides a fun and electrifying read.

on July 30, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Extinction is a shorter read than the previous books of Jan Domagala and it isn’t as fast paced either but the action picks up towards the end the book. There are new characters in this book but I feel they will be in other stories of Domagala’s Col Sec series. I would like to see more character development but I realize that these books are crisis driven stories with little time to really know the main players. Domagala gives enough background information that Extinction could be read as a stand alone book. I recommend this book because it’s a good science fiction story with action.

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