Col Sec Series: Book 2 – Omega

OmegaOn a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt Hawk, who we first saw in Ronin, and a group of Recon Delta marines led by Colonel De Boer, find more than they bargained for. This led to their first contact with an insidious group that had infiltrated all walks of life including even the protector of the Colonial Confederation itself, Col Sec.

On their return to Earth they realise the situation is far more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

Narrowly evading death at the hands of their enemy Matt finds himself in a race to learn the truth.

Revelations unfold as Matt and those at Col Sec fight for survival until the truth is finally revealed and he faces the head of OMEGA.

Can Matt win this deadly battle against an enemy who can be anyone, even your best friend?

This second book in the thrilling Col Sec series picks up the pace from Ronin and hurtles the reader at breakneck pace towards a shocking climax.

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on April 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Matthew Hawk isn’t just a sidekick to the lead character, Kurt, in the first book, Ronin. He takes the lead in this book and fills the part just as well, if not better. This is part of the Col Sec series, but I found you could read this entirely independently. I started a bit disappointed as I really wanted to know what happened to Kurt, but I quickly fell in love with Hawk. Not often do I find two characters, so different, yet both so appealing.

Hawk faces his own battles in the continuing conflict with the Alliance. The author brings him to life as not only a skilled and intelligent soldier, but as a loyal friend with a very real emotional side that just adds strength to his character.

In this book, we are introduced to Omega. The story twists and turns and things are never what they first seem.

The story is fast paced. I enjoyed the constant surprises and found it very refreshing, not just a continuation in a series, but a complete story and separate story in itself and one I enjoyed just as much as the first which isn’t something I often find in a series, so I was truly impressed and will definitely continue reading.

I would highly recommend this book even if you didn’t pick up Ronin!


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