Interesting Times

The Satan Strain AMAZON LARGEDeath List - High ResolutionThere is an old Chinese curse that says ‘May you live in exciting times.’ What this means is that to live in uninteresting times of calm and harmony is much more preferable than the opposite. Although this is always reported as a Chinese curse the truth is that there is no evidence backing the claim. The nearest equivalent Chinese expression is ‘It is better to be a dog living in peaceful times than a human living in chaotic (warring) period.

I can fully understand this feeling, I’ve long upheld the belief that it is easier to bend to outside forces if it results in an easier life but I find myself forced, in a way through my own endeavours to be living in interesting times. To clarify, by interesting I by no means chaos or war, although there does seem too much of that going on in the world, I refer to a more personal level. By that I mean my writing career.

I’ve been writing seriously for more than a decade now and my sci fi action/adventure series is seven books deep. I also have two other new thriller series ongoing under the pen name of Jack Dillon. The seventh book in my Col Sec series is about to be released through Imzadi Publishing, and by ‘about to be released’ I mean on May 16 which is a nail biting few weeks away. There is a trailer for the book out on YouTube, along with an audio trailer, there are ads flying around Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites so the pace is quickening. To say I am excited about this would be a massive understatement. My goal in setting out to write a book has always been to get published. Yes I have self published previous books and if I had not done so I would not be able to be in the position I am today. Imzadi has agreed to publish the first in the series too so I keep hoping that the entire series will be available through the same outlets provided by Imzadi.

As much as I want to concentrate on the Col Sec series I find myself drawn to my other works as well. In this respect I have just completed the sequel to The Death List, the first SI6 novel, Crosshairs, and I am working on the second book in the ATLAS Force series, WIRE Tap. The first in this series, The Satan Strain has been garnering some rave reviews so I have high hopes for the sequel.

Taking all this into consideration I don’t think to live in interesting times is a curse, not to me at least. I consider myself to be blessed to be in the position I find myself and I hope that I can bring enjoyment to others with by stories so they can also live in interesting times too.


About jandomagala

Having worked in the ceramic printing industry since leaving school in the early 70's I've had a passion for the written word. I started writing in the 80's and since discovering the self publishing world have finally seen the first part of my ambition come to fruition, my name in print. Now with the help of wordpress and other promotion tools I hope to see the second part of my ambition come true, to earn a living from writing.
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