Stunning new cover art

Earlier this year i began writing the seventh book in my Col Sec series, The Blackstar Gambit. Like the previous books in the series I self published it through Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords and through them all the other outlets at their disposal. I had long given up hope of ever getting a publishing contract, I knew they were as rare as rocking horse shit so I concentrated all my efforts on self publishing.

One night while chatting to some friends on Facebook I ended up talking to someone who would change my opinion of the publishing industry forever. Cutting a long story short I met Anita Dugan Moore who works for Imzadi Publishing and I ended up submitting my book to them. I posted a picture of me signing the contract for this book not too long ago and today I have received confirmation that the new artwork is completed for the cover. To say that I like it would be an understatement. The extremely talented Anita has used images from the Hubble website incorporating them in the artwork.

For updates on the book’s release and anything else about it and the other books  check here,



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