Fantastic news

I’ve been holding on to this for some time now but I think, now that the deed is done, I can reveal what it is I’ve been holding on to. My book, The Blackstar Gambit, book 8 in the Col Sec series has been picked up by Imzadi Publishing. After weeks of negotiations, I signed the contract today, here’s the blurb.

The Blackstar Gambit.
A new threat raises its head to taunt Col Sec and Kurt Stryder in particular. A threat from a far distant planet with ties to an ancient Earth cult and the other major power in the galaxy, once enemies of the Confederation but now allied to, The Elysium Alliance.
Earth is the target of this new enemy and Kurt and Zara Hardy were the unwilling pawns in a deadly game that would put millions of lives at risk.
Kurt and Zara race across the galaxy to find clues that will lead to some understanding about Osiris, a legendary planet at the heart of the mystery surrounding it all. Will they succeed or will Earth fall in this deadly game to the Blackstar Gambit.

It is filled with the usual elements that make this series unique in Sci Fi today, plenty of action with relatable characters, high tec devices that seem so real and a universe that is familiar you believe it could happen.

The publishers have shown interest in the entire series so hopefully you could soon see it relaunched through this new outlet with brand spanking new artwork and with edits only a publishing house can achieve.

I would also like to reveal another snippet of information, my fiancee has also written a book that has also been picked up by Imzadi, as soon as I have her permission, I’ll let you know more about that one too.

Now the hard work begins though, no doubt I will begin work on the new edits and overseeing all the new artwork for the cover. As soon as I have any details, and the permission from Imzadi, I will reveal what I can to whet your appetite. As always, watch this

Voting closed

Recently my book, The Blackstar Gambit was nominated in the Summer Indie Book Awards. I was overwhelmed that I was even nominated as it was the first of my work ever to be considered for any award. My expectations were low, I never expected to even get this far so for people to vote for me was just amazing. I am the type of person who hides under the radar most of the time. I’m not one for loudly proclaiming how brilliant my work is, I let others decide that. I much prefer to just write and hope people like my work enough to comment. Perhaps this has worked against me somewhat. In today’s market a writer has to be accessible and I try to be just that. I make my pages visible so everyone can see them, if a comment is placed or a message sent I endeavour to respond with a like or comment of my own as soon as possible. I always reply to messages and I join in on conversations on other pages or groups that I am a part of whenever possible. I have made friends this way with a few readers and other writers too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for allowing me to be a part of this years awards and I congratulate all the winners and hope they go on to further success. Who knows, maybe next year I could be one of them.

A dream that became a reality

Fifty years ago a phenomenon was born we all know as Star Trek. It was the dream of one man, Gene Roddenberry, a dream of the future where mankind had put all their many differences behind  and had managed to build a better and brighter society. This dream took the form of a weekly TV show which was revolutionary for its time.

I remember watching the first episode on BBC, it was a Saturday evening and a replacement for Doctor Who which had Jon Pertwee playing the title role, my favourite Doctor of all incarnations. I was mortified that the BBC had taken off Doctor Who and replaced it with this unknown American TV series. I soon changed my opinion though, around ten minutes into watching it I was hooked.I couldn’t get enough, I waited for the next episode with bated breath and every episode that followed. I made sure my time was free when it aired because back then we had no video recorders or DVR’s so if you missed the first showing there was no telling when it would show again, if ever. When the first season finished I was gutted even though they showed the new series of Doctor Who in its place I was still overwhelmed by the loss. Even though the show only ran initially for three seasons it was picked up by cable networks which ran the episodes endlessly. It became ingrained in everyone’s mindset. It was innovative and inspiring, without this show technology wouldn’t have advanced at the pace it has and we wouldn’t have things such as the mobile phone or e’readers or tablets like the iPad. It shaped almost everything in the modern world. It had a huge impact on TV shows, technology, ideology almost everything was touched by his vision. It inspired and shaped how sci fi was written and is still doing today. When I first started writing everything came out as either a clone of Star Trek or had touches of Star Wars in it. It was incredibly difficult to come up with anything new because that show had covered it all.

It’s been widely reported that Star Wars saved Star Trek from obscurity and I can see the validity in that claim but it is also true that without Star Trek there probably wouldn’t have been a Star Wars.

We have long since passed the dates he stated for the events that would shape some of his vision of the future and we are no nearer to reaching it than we were back when the series first aired but I for one remain hopeful. Roddenberry’s vision of a brighter, more peaceful and prosperous future for us all is not out of our reach. It is an attainable future but it’s one that will take a lot of hard work if we ever want to see it. The only thing standing in our way, as ever, is us.