New Ventures

To be a writer today you have to have many strings to your bow. Not only do you have to be able to spin a good yarn that engages the reader but you have to be able to market that piece of work so it actually reaches the target audience. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occassions marketing is the most difficult aspect of being a writer. There are certain skills needed which I have had to learn or employ someone who does.

In this respect I have ventured forth into two areas of the marketing field that are completely new to me. One is book trailers and the other is video blogging, or vlogging. At the moment I have two book trailers out, the first was for The Satan Strain and the second is for The Blackstar Gambit.

I also have made my first vlog introducing myself and the three latest books. Hopefully the vlog will continue every week or so, maybe every month so that I can keep people updated with any news about the books and of course if you have any questions please leave me a comment below. You can see all three videos I mentioned over on my You Tube channel

The life of a writer

I’ve seen many articles about the life of a writer, from the daily grind of day to day events right down to an hour by hour spread of daily events. I thought it time I entered the debate.

My life is quite normal, boring some would say but I consider it a good one. It may lack certain elements of excitement that others manage to infuse in theirs but on the whole I think I have a good life. My life as a writer though is completely different.

My normal day to day life is the same as most people’s I would assume. I get up, do the normal things, go to work to earn a living then come home to my family. In between the work and family commitments I exercise regularly, I eat out and socialise with friends, you know, normal stuff.

My life as a writer starts as soon as I wake up. My mind starts working on the project I’m working on at the moment, thoughts ferment in the background of my mind, percolating until they are allowed to the forefront where I can put them down on my laptop. As a writer I live a life of wonder and excitement unparalleled by human experience. I travel to worlds far and wide in the galaxy, I fight foes with evil intent and I do it all from the comfort and safety of my home. Yes I live a life vicariously through the lives of my characters but I live it none the less. At the end of a writing day I am just as exhausted both emotionally and physically as if I’d done those things in reality. Is it satisfying? You’re damn right it is.

So there you have it, my life as a writer, probably not what you expected but that’s just me, I like to keep you guessing.