The Blackstar Gambit

I’m really excited about this, it’s been some time since I published a new Col Sec book and this one is huge. The repercussions from this story will leave you breathless, everything changes from this book onwards. Kurt and Zara take centre stage in this rollicking adventure facing an enemy who seems determined to capture the two of them to learn the secret of their amazing abilities. Not for any altruistic purpose but to help his Clan.

The secret behind this Clan dates back to ancient Earth history and threatens to ignite a conflict that would destroy the entire Confederation starting with Earth. If this new enemy succeeds nothing will ever be the same again. Kurt and Zara get caught up in the action as it rages across the galaxy from Celeron, Kurt’s birth planet to Earth and across to the legendary planet Osiris, home to the mythical Osiris Clan. Fighting to save not only their lives but the lives of an entire planet Kurt and Zara face the inevitable truth that bad things happen and the good guys don’t always win.

If this teaser isn’t enough here’s a taster of the cover.

Changes are coming.

This weekend I was looking forward to spending some time outside but as everyone in the UK knows the weather is notorious for being changeable so my plans got put on hold. Being held hostage inside by the, at times, torrential rain gave me the time to get some writing done though. I managed to finish off a Col Sec short story that is a lead in for the next book in the series. Again this short features Captain Tony Storm, callsign Guardian and his team, Hacker, Cowboy and Hellcat. Getting to terms with the changes that come about in book 7, The Blackstar Gambit which is coming soon, they are sent on a mission to a planet called Potera where they are to apprehend a terrorist they have been searching for for some time. As in all the Col Sec series, things do not go as planned and mayhem ensues, but then again isn’t that what my readers have come to expect by now?

As the story comes to a close we are left with questions that need answers which will only come in the adventure that follows and I suspect, it may be the largest book in the series to date.

I mentioned the changes that happen in book 7, The Blackstar Gambit heralds in some drastic changes to the Col Sec Universe. Events unfold which ensure that things will never return to how they were before. A danger tied to an ancient Earth cult threatens the lives of millions on Earth in particular and around the Confederation in general. This danger threatens to bring the entire Confederation to its knees in a bid to take over the control of the galaxy. Anyone foolish enough to stand in their way will either bow down or get destroyed.

If that whets your appetite for destruction then look out for the release date for this new thrilling adventure.

A writer’s life.

I’ve been an Indie writer now for over fifteen years and still trying to break into the big time like most other Indie writer out there. The average person on the street probably thinks the life of a writer is a glamourous one and I must admit that was a great incentive to my starting. Truth is I loved the idea of walking into a book shop and seeing my work displayed on the shelves but also being able to walk around in complete anonymity. The truth of it I soon realised was far from that perceived truth. As an Indie author you have far greater control over your work and how it goes out to the public, in fact you have total control simply because you have to do it all yourself. Some may like this aspect of writing and to some extent so do I but it can be tedious and time consuming. Doing all the work that a publishing company does for you when you have a book deal takes time away from the important work of writing.

This takes all the glamour out of the job, and it is a job, it is far more than a mere hobby. It is hard work, not physical work but it can be just as draining emotionally. So to set the record straight I was going to lay out what a normal day would be for a writer but everytime I tried to lay it out it just didn’t seem right and then I read an article by another Indie author and I thought it was just perfect. The link to the article is below so you can read for yourself.

The next best thing to meeting your idol

They say you should never meet your heroes because they never live up to our expectations. That is no fault other than our own though. We put our idols on a pedestal sometimes so high above us that we cannot possibly reach them and when they fall off, they are never the same in our eyes again. We forget that although they can do whatever it is we idolise them for they are still human beings. As human beings they have the same hopes and aspirations as do we and more importantly the same failings. having said that I would still like to meet a writer  I admire greatly. I have a few writers who I read as my ‘go to guys’ when I’m looking for a good book to read because I know they’ll deliver every time. One of them stands out as extra special. This writer has been in the business for almost twenty years perfecting his craft. It was reported recently that he had garnered a $15 million advance for his next three books, I have no evidence of the truth of this but it was reported it was not simply because of his talent which is prodigious but because through all his years of success he has never sought out another publisher. He has remained with the same editor and publisher since his start which in this day and age of instant gratification I find remarkable. This writer goes by the pen name of James Rollins.

I have to admit that as a writer I feel influenced by this man’s work when I sit down to write my adventures, especially the ATLAS Force series. I try to infuse my books with the same sense of danger and pace that permeates through Mister Rollins Sigma series. I have read all of the Sigma series and I even became a member on his official fan page on Facebook. I’ve spoken with a few of the other fans on the page and even had the first ATLAS Force book reviewed by one of the administrators of the page. I decided to post a photo of myself holding the first copies of The Death List and The Satan Strain onto Instagram and was amazed when I learned that the pic was liked by James Rollins himself. As you can imagine I was blown away and had to share with the fan page. What followed was three hours of pure enjoyment as the fans embraced me as we engaged in conversation about the books and how nice Mister Rollins is. Many of the fans have met the guy and all say what a genuine pleasure it was to meet him.

I now have two ambitions in my writing career, firstly I would like to emulate some of the success of the aforementioned Mister Rollins and secondly I would hope to be as nice a guy as him.