The Doctor was done a disservice by his writers.

Doctor Who has become a national icon and loved all over the world. Over the last fifty odd years he’s been around he’s been to the end of time and back, he’s been all over the universe but last night he went a bit too far.

Jenna Coleman, the present companion hinted she might leave the show this season after a ‘will she go or will she stay’ phase last season. It was leaked that this season would be her last, it was even foretold which episode would be her last. When that episode was aired it was reviewed as a beautiful ending, her performance was hailed as possibly her finest and most people thought it was the best way for her to go. The way her character died was thoughtful and stayed true to her character, which I found at times annoying but then she was gone and it left the Doctor alone. We all know the trouble he can get in when he’s alone so it left us with two episodes to finish off the season and plenty of promise.

The penultimate episode was basically a monologue for Peter Capaldi, a showcase for his acting talent and the final episode, the closing for the season had him returning to Gallifrey his home to face the Time Lords, but let’s not go there just yet. First we have the monologue to deal with. In a nutshell the Doctor was trapped in, I have no idea where because the whole episode was filled with illogic, and all he had to do was reveal who the Hybrid was. His captors, the Time Lords placed him in this place for eternity until he divulged what he knew about the Hybrid. He would try to find his way out, die in the attempt and be reborn to try again until he gave up what he knew. It was a puzzle he had to figure out if he wanted to leave. He found the barrier that was holding him inside was an impenetrable wall of a substance many times harder than diamond and once he reached this barrier and knew it was the only thing keeping him captive he struck it with his fist venting his anger and frustration until he was killed by the creature from his nightmares sent there to plague him. He struck this wall countless times with his fist over a billion odd years, each time he struck this harder than diamond wall he would die to start the process all over again. I was okay with this episode, I love a good puzzle, until it went into montage mode showing the Doctor reviving, going through the maze to reach the wall to strike it then die to start again, over and over again until the wall cracked and fell to release him.

Any writer who writes fiction knows there are rules, especially in fantasy, that you have to adhere to. In fantasy even if you’re writing about magic there are certain rules. You can’t just make shit up to move the story along or to get your characters out of a jam you have placed them in. There is a certain logic and order to it. Breaking a wall that is many times harder than diamond by hitting it many times over a period of a billion years is the kind of illogical shit I’m talking about. The Doctor is a being of intelligence, for him to revert to striking a wall with his fist to escape is illogical from the start anyway, he just wouldn’t do it. He’d figure a way out through some other way. The wall though, if it was as hard as diamond it would remain standing for eternity, after all diamonds are forever right. So therefore it would not break by being struck by a fist no matter how many times it was struck no more than a fly could topple the Great Wall of China by flying into it a billion times. Okay so the Doctor got out and finds himself on Gallifrey which sets up the finale nicely, if you discount the method he arrived there, which I can’t. The Hybrid is hinted at in the teaser trailer, there’s lot’s of running around and we are led to believe it’ll be a monumental episode leading to the Christmas Special and they were not wrong, but for all the wrong reasons.

There were so many things wrong with this episode I think the writers had no idea what to do and just gave up in the end. Jenna Coleman came back, even though they killed her off. The entire episode was about her and the Doctor trying to save her from the death he said he couldn’t prevent two episodes earlier and not about his wrath at the Time Lords for imprisoning him for over a billion years. It was random, it was meandering and it was boring. Nothing happened, Clara was still dead even though she was walking around being her normal annoying self and then there was Isildur, who did nothing to help the story along. Then there was the other TARDIS masquerading as the Diner. Now as far as I know, the chameleon circuit allows the exterior of the TARDIS to appear as anything, it could be a tree, a brick wall, a diner or even a Police call box. Once you enter the door though you pass through this illusion and into the interior of the TARDIS. How then could the Doctor be sitting in the Diner talking to Clara? The illusion from the chameleon circuit would not extend to the inside of the Diner. Clara entered her TARDIS through a door inside the Diner, another example of the writers not following the rules of logic and just making shit up to fit their terrible story.

Time travel is one of the hardest genres to write about, there are so many threads you have to keep in place, so many details you have to observe or else the story just falls apart and that’s what happened last night. The entire last two episodes just fell apart and made no sense at all. I have no idea what they were thinking and if they continue like this then the viewers will wise up to them and stop watching. The majority of the viewing public are not idiots and there must have been many people watching last night scratching theirs heads wondering what the hell just happened. Peter Capaldi is a good actor, he deserves better. He is the Doctor, so get rid of Clara and give him his show back and get better writers.


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