Neural Interface, not so far away as Biohackers push boundaries of what it is to be human.

I recently saw this article and it brought to mind the Neural Interface I use in my Col Sec series to connect the agents to the information highway, to make the use of hand held devices such as laptops, phones a thing of the past. Now it seems this is becoming a reality far sooner than I anticipated. Biohackers are implanting a variety of devices into their body to augment the human condition.

It brings up all sorts of arguments about the human condition but as a writer of sci fi  I find it fascinating that this is actually becoming a reality, regardless of the arguments surrounding it. Boundaries are being pushed back further and further and I will get to see some of these advancements in my lifetime. Personally I think that is amazing.

The culling of Mankind

The culling of wildlife is an emotive issue, one that can polarize opinions throughout the nation but that is not going to be the point of this article. As a writer I had a thought concerning the issue, one which took it on a different direction. Culling of wildlife is a fact, it happens and there is nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to, that is not the point. What if mankind was culled?

What if Earth was a huge nature reserve that was under the control of another intelligent species? Surely there would be reason for them to cull us. We have seen arguments that population is out of control and that the planet is rapidly reaching the point where it no longer would have the capability to sustain us. Popular novelist James Rollins used that point in one of his books entitled the Sixth Extinction. There have been studies to support claims that we are reaching the planets tipping point in regards to sustainability so surely there would be a case for this other species, our controllers as it were to cull us. In the past this has happened for different reasons, one was the holocaust during the second world war where the Jewish population was sent to gas chambers in horrific circumstances. Whatever the reasons for this, it was in some way a cull and I use this as an example to illustrate the point and nothing more. I mean no offense to those who suffered during those years. Looking at this through those eyes though how would we feel if we were the ones about to be culled by a species unknown to us. As a writer it would make a great premise for a novel, one I am seriously considering. On a different note it wouldn’t have to be an other worldly species, it could be a rogue government who decided to make the longevity of our species their mandate. There are enough conspiracy theorists out there who probably think this is a viable subject for consideration and this is also a great premise for a novel. Let’s be clear on this though, I am not suggesting that this should happen. I am pondering the ramifications should an outside force chose to use this option looking on this world from an outsiders perspective.

Amazing what thoughts come to you while you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep. I suppose that’s why I’m a writer, I think it’s called imagination.

Retribution review

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Retribution is Book 4 in the Col Sec series (other books not seen by this reviewer), and while it should be noted that coming into a series midway often proves a challenge, given that plot, setting, characters and action have long ago been set in previous books (in this case, Ronin, OMEGA and Discovery), the joy of this series appears to be (if Retribution is any indication) that the books do succeed in standing alone. In this case, a prologue sets the scene where a quasi-sleeping woman aboard a starship, Zara, is puzzled about her surroundings and how she came to be there – and her discoveries help readers learn about the background of OMEGA and other facets presumably covered in prior adventures.

Tension builds: there’s a woman in a lab exploring what memories she has of the past (including a lost love); there’s a man buried alive yet regenerating amid memories and the rubble of a discovery that may have caused his downfall; and there’s a deadly political enemy that demands that Kurt and his Wildfire Team confront and play a dangerous game indeed.

All this is presented against the backdrop of a military struggle that revolves around a serum and a plot to involve violent creatures which may be set loose within Col Sec to kill everything. Add clones, a cat-and-mouse game that is ongoing and unpredictable, and plenty of action, and readers who enjoy politically charged, military-based sci-fi will find in Retribution a satisfying read that stands well alone, powered by believable protagonists and richly-drawn scenarios.

Back to my roots, well almost.

Resurrection, the sixth book in my Col Sec series is now available as I’ve posted as often as I can, as an Indie author I have to keep news flowing as often as I can. There are a few more books in the pipeline ready to be released when the time is right but recently on my trip to Rhodes it got me to thinking. I’ve dedicated my writing to my series now for a number of years, a number of very enjoyable years I might add. I’ve seen the series develop from a single idea to an ongoing series that as far as I can tell has no ending in the foreseeable future. In that respect I’ll keep the stories coming as long as the ideas flow.

While I was on Rhodes though it gave me time to catch up on my reading. I had downloaded a few books onto my new Kindle as I had decided not to take any books with me to save on the packing. I chose a few books from authors I’d not read before and was pleasantly surprised by most. In the two week period I ran through two books by Richard Turner, a short story by James Rollins, three books by David Wood, two and a bit by Nick Thacker and a Vince Flynn book. All the books were modern day thrillers which got me to thinking.

I had a few ideas running around inside my head and there was one book I had written back in 2008 that I was never really satisfied with. At the time I thought it was the best I could do with it but as time wore on and I learned more about the craft I realised it could be better. The Col Sec series was dominating my time though as I wanted to get as much done as I could so the public could decide on its merits. Now though I think I can take the time to revisit this earlier work and give it the treatment it deserves. I feel now I have the experience to give it the finishing touches it lacked when I first wrote it.

That’s what I’m doing at the moment. This new project will evolve into the series I envisioned when I first had the idea for it and this time it’ll be the book and subsequent series I wanted from the start.

So there we have it. I can’t give anymore details about it other than to say it is set in modern day and, just as the Col Sec series is chock full of adventure and action with surprises around every corner, this new series will be in the same vein.

When it comes out I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had in writing it.


Recently I hinted that the next book in the Col Sec series, Book 6 Resurrection would be available early this month. I can now announce that it became available today. The book can be bought from Amazon Kindle store on all of their websites worldwide. Here’s the link for the UK site.

Check it out, it’s a thrill ride like never before.

Resurrection and other works

I’ve recently returned from my summer break on Rhodes. We had a wonderful time there, we visited the fabulous city of Rhodes Town including the old part where you really got the feel of what it was like back then. It has remained untouched for centuries and we marvelled at how it must have been like to live back then as we strolled around it.

The weather was as you’d expect very sunny and hot as hell. I couldn’t help but get inspired by all the wonderful scenery and could not wait to get back to start writing again.

I did have chance to catch up on some reading which also helped inspire me with certain projects I had on the back burner for too long. These now will get the time they deserve to be completed and I hope when they get published that you like them as much as I do.

In the meantime Book 6 of the Col Sec series, Resurrection will be available very shortly and while you wait, here’s a look at what the cover will look like. Hope you like it, if you have any thoughts please feel free to leave a comment.

As soon as I have anything more on the release date of Resurrection I will let you know.Resurrection