Has the internet killed patience?

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my partner and I were having a conversation the other day about a couple of the shows from the US that we both love. She is a huge fan of the ‘after show’ show’s on YouTube and can’t wait to see what happens next. Most times these shows are aired on YouTube directly after the show in the US so she will know what happens before we get the episode over here because of the spoilers. It’s infuriating  because she invariably lets things slip which spoils the whole thing for me. I prefer to watch events unfold as they are supposed, rather than know before hand.

This got me to thinking of how the internet, a wonderful thing at its core, has nurtured the ‘I want it, and I want it now’ culture. What has happened to patience, to waiting for things to unfold as they should at their natural pace? If you want something you can have it now. Delivery times from Amazon have gone from several days to next day service, everything has its price and you can have it when you want it.

How far will this attitude go do you think? will people start to skip through a film to the end because they can’t be bothered to watch the whole thing, or because they can’t be bothered to wait until the end? Will book buyers open a book, read the first few pages and then skip to the last page to see what happened?

I do hope not, as a writer I like to tell a story that captivates the reader, one that captures the reader in such a way so that they can’t wait to read what happens next.  If this culture of inability to keep secrets pervades then everyone who tells a story, whether it be in print or on the screen will have their hard work undermined. I know it will continue, it’s not so much a trend anymore as a natural thing. I will just have to hope that enough people still prefer, as I do to wait and exhibit patience. The outcome is far more satisfying that way, don’t you think?

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Writer’s who can’t let go.

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I recently saw an article about how many authors tend to write books in a series and thought I’d give my viewpoint on the issue.

When I set out to write Ronin I had no idea what I was starting. I had no intention of turning it into a series and was quite content to make it a one off story. I would write it then put it to bed and move on to another story.

What I found though was that I’d invested a lot of time and commitment to the story. I had begun to know my characters as you would real people. I knew their motivations, their back story, even if parts of it were not mentioned in the book I knew it anyway. When I finished the book I sat there thinking, “I wonder what they’d do next?” I started to wonder where they would go from where they’d been left, how would they cope with all the changes I, in my God-like wisdom had invested them with?

The longer this went on the harder it was for me to write about anything else. In the end I succumbed to it and sat down to write the next book. This one did not feature Kurt Stryder, the hero of Ronin. Where I left him at the end of the first book was a place of uncertainty as his future was concerned, so I chose Matt Hawk as the protagonist.

At the end of that book I added a scene which would link with the book that followed and it was a way of bringing Kurt back. Once that book was done I had a series and at least three other ideas for books to follow on. I couldn’t leave this series now if I wanted to. I know all the characters almost as well as I know my own family, probably better for I have total control over them, I sometimes wish I had that control over my family, life would be so much easier lol.

So there you have it, my reason why I can’t let go and just had to write a series.

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New Worlds

In Discovery, Book Three in the Col Sec series we visit a strange and wonderful world named Tartaran.

Once the battlefield of one of the greatest conflicts between the Colonial Confederation and The Elysium Alliance now it’s surrounded by the remnants of the same. A great debris field made up of the husks of once great starships that had fought in that great battle lie near the planet.

On the planet surface we meet strange creatures with an abiding hatred of everything human. Creatures so deadly that every time a landing party attempts to gain a foothold there they are attacked.

We are re-introduced to Kurt Stryder who after his battles in his first adventure (Ronin) is still struggling with his purpose in the galaxy. After attending the memorial service at the end of Omega he decides to take a cruise on the Colonial Queen to try and decide where his future lies. Unknown to him another passenger has an obsession with the Tartaran Battlefield and persuades the captain to go off course and visit the site.

The Tartaran Battlefield has been the home to Outlaws, the dregs of every society and at the first sight of the huge cruise liner they attack.

What happens next is a deadly race for Kurt to save as many lives as possible. He contacts General Sinclair his old boss at Col Sec who sends the Wildfire Team, the newest recruits to their ranks and a team initiated to handle the worst case scenario to rescue them.

The Wildfire Team has to reach Kurt  Prince Aswan and his bodyguard Natasha Garvey of Col Sec Diplomatic Corps before their trespass sparks off a new conflict.

Secrets and intrigue along with adrenalin fuelled action drive this story along and one final twist at the end will leave the reader breathless.

Discovery is available as an eBook from Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback will be out shortly.

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Popularity breeds contempt

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in the news recently has been a story about Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of Top Gear on the BBC being suspended for allegedly throwing a punch at a producer. This has made the front pages of all the national newspapers in the UK and even the Prime Minister has felt the need to jump on the band wagon to air his opinion on the matter. Firstly, why is this making the news anyway and secondly, why is the Prime Minister even talking about this? With this being an election year shouldn’t he have more important matter to think about rather than a scuffle at work?

Clarkson has been a difficult person throughout his career and has made public racist comments and been insulting to people all over the world but because Top Gear is one of the BBC’s most popular products he has been allowed to get away with it. Now this latest incident, the throwing of a punch at a producer and, now wait for it, it was because after a shoot at a top class hotel no food had been laid on by the caterers, the BBC has seen to finally act. The presenter has been suspended.

If this had been any number of people working in a normal environment, the throwing of a punch at a co-worker would be instant dismissal, so why is Clarkson any different? Why  is he allowed to flaunt the rules and standards that the rest of society, or should I say less privileged society has to adhere to? Why does popularity breed contempt for the laws of the land? Why do we pander so much to celebrity?

I think it’s time we got our priorities right and made an example of Clarkson so that others in the limelight don’t make the same mistake of thinking they are above the law.

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Read an eBook week.

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this year celebrates the seventh year that Smashwords has run the ‘Read an eBook week’. It’s a chance for writers who publish through this company to offer their work at reduced rates to entice new readers. It’s a great idea and one I whole heartedly support. Anything that encourages people to read has my backing 100% and if it encourages them to read my books that’s even better.

To that end I have reduced the price of Discovery, Book 3 in the Col Sec series by 50%. You can also get the first two books in the series: Ronin and Omega at the same reduction.

I hope you enjoy, but remember this promotion lasts only until 7th of March.

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