Hard road to success.

Hi there,

it’s fourth weekend in January already and there seems so much to do. I’ve been working tirelessly toward the future of the Col Sec series and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day for what I need to do. I’m sure this is a problem that we all face at some point in our careers/lives and at times the odds in succeeding seem almost insurmountable, but try we must.

I have set myself a deadline for what I plan and it seems the fates are dead set against me reaching the finishing line. Everything from computer meltdowns to writers block and anything else the fates can think of have stood in my way over the past few months. I’m sure the literary greats, past and present have had their fill of troubles on their road to where they are now and none of them allowed any of it to stand in their way. Those that did are not remembered. I don’t intend on being one of those.

Whatever stands in my way I will work around it or through it to get to where I want to be. I have a lot of work to do before I reach the point where I can say, “I’ve made it,” and until then I will never stop trying.

The next few months will be crucial but I am looking forward to them with eager anticipation.

That’s all for now


Back on track

Hi there,

since my last post several things have happened which delayed my being able to post as regularly as I’d hoped. The biggest delay was my laptop became infected with a serious virus and had to go into the shop for a deep clean.

I was without it for eleven days which seemed like an eternity. During that time I had begun talks with several people concerning certain aspects of getting the Col Sec series out to the public and not having the means to communicate in my normal method put a serious hindrance on the proceedings.

Since my beloved laptop was returned to me there has been an extreme amount of catching up to do but hopefully I should be all caught up in the next few days and back on track.

The developments I have been contemplating will soon be under way and hopefully you will all see what I have been working so hard to achieve.

Until then keep your eyes and ears open for any news about the Col Sec series, because, trust me, great things are on their way.

See you soon


New year, new outlook

Hi there,

I hope the years end festivities went according to plan and that you all enjoyed yourselves. Did everything go according to plan? You would be lucky if it had, in my experience when plans are made for anything whether it be a night out, a gathering of the family or something in your business life, invariably something goes awry and things just don’t work out as expected. You soldier on of course and make the most out of what you have and most times it turns out okay.

2014 for me was a year of discovery. I discovered many things about myself and others, some of which I did not like at all and some that I found surprising. It was a year of growth and development both in my writing and marketing, although the latter is a bit of a let down if I’m totally honest.

I found that certain people, although they say will help really mean the opposite, or more plainly they will only help themselves. This is something I’ve come to accept as the norm in the business world and from that I realise that I have to leave the disappointment behind and move forward with an adjusted attitude, a new outlook.

So what can you expect from me in 2015?

You can expect more of the same great reading material from me. More books in the Col Sec series and possibly a few other items that have been running around in that strange mind of mine that are just bursting to get out.

That’s all for now but see you soon.