Creation of a Legend

Hi there,

I recently relaunched the Col Sec series from the beginning and as I sit at home busy writing the next book in the series I realised that I was missing something. I had the story all laid out, I had the characters listed so that I knew who was in and what their purpose was in the story, but that wasn’t it. My laptop was all powered up, I had a drink to hand (nothing alcoholic, much too early in the day for that) and I had my notes to hand so that wasn’t it either. Then I realised what was missing.

It was nothing to do with what I was doing at the present but all to do with what I had to do in the future.

If I wanted the relaunch to be successful I had to come up with a marketing strategy, not just any stategy but one that would work. Like most writers I know that writing the book is just a small percentage of the success of that piece of work. What comes after is just as important and if you want it to succeed you have to do it right.

I can’t speak for other writers but I find marketing and promotional work boring and tedious but it is just as integral to the success of a book as writing a story that compels the reader to turn the page. I find the term ‘page turner’ to be one of those over used terms like, ‘awesome’ and well you get my drift but if a writer really wants to produce that kind of interest in their work then what happens after the final draft is completed and they are satisfied with what they have done is vital to that success.

All the successful writers, those who have created legends in the literary world have had the publishing houses do all this work for them but now with the increase in popularity of the self publishing industry many writers have found themselves having to do this work themselves. If I want to create such a legend then I too must enter this arena.

So, this is it, this is me preparing to enter this battlefield. I have done my preparation so here I go.

Wish me luck.

See you soon




The Arrival of Awesome.

Hi there,

for the past few months I have said that changes were coming. I’ve hinted at a few things and hoped it would drum up interest. I planned to make a huge announcement when the time was right to herald in the, hinted at changes and as the saying goes, ‘well laid plans of mice and men’ and so forth, well the timing got screwed up and some of the changes happened before the announcement was made. I take full responsibility for this as I was unaware of how to delay things so that the timing would be perfect, if there could ever be such an animal.

That having been said, here’s the announcement.

The Col Sec series is being relaunched in it’s entirety having undergone a few changes. Any mistakes that had gone unnoticed before have been taken out by the editor, in some cases, eg Ronin, there has been additions and/or changes. In Ronin’s case the prologue has been rewritten. There is new artwork for the covers and the website has been redesigned to incorporate all these changes.

Ronin is available now from Amazon and smashwords premier catalogue in both print and ebook editions and Omega will follow in 6 to 8 weeks time depending on everyone at this end’s schedule. Each subsequent book will follow according to this schedule so you should see the new editions at a regular pace. Check them out and see how much better they are this time around and feel free to get in touch to let me know what you think either on here, the website, on twitter @JDColSec, my Facebook page  or as a review to the book from wherever you purchased it.

That’s all for now,

See you soon,


Loneliness of the long distance writer.

Hi there,

writing has been a passion of mine for some time now and as most writers I dream of hitting the big time. The time when I could walk into any book store and see my books displayed proudly for all to see. I dream of sitting behind a desk in one of those stores on the day of release of my latest book to greet my readers and sign their copy of the book.

I’m a long way off from that yet and at times I wonder if I’ll ever reach that exciting point in a writers career. At the moment I’m very much in the early stages of my career, still at the point where I’m trying to reach my audience.

I’ve had reviews and the majority of them have been positive, the only negative review I had was when I first published Ronin, the first book in the Col Sec series. That review really hurt when I first saw it but after the pain had subsided and I clinically went over it I realised there were some salient points made. I took the book and did an overhaul of it, almost a complete rewrite, including changing the front cover artwork before resubmitting it to the publisher. To this day, and I’m about to publish a third edition of the book, that review remains on Amazon’s site despite my commenting on it and asking the administrators to take it down as it is no longer relevant.

This experience tends to make me think  that as I sit at home writing, I could be the only person left alive. I’m trying to communicate with the remnants of a civilisation that no longer cares. I know it not to be true but the life of a writer is a solitary one and it is only until they connect with their readers that they realise just what an impact they make on them.

Modern technology is wonderful, I can sit at home and chat to someone on the other side of the world either by text or video but it doesn’t make the world any smaller or any the less lonely for those who can’t connect. I am thankful, as any writer is for those readers who take the time out of their day to read what I write. Having said that, I don’t write for anyone else other than myself. I write because I have to. I cannot see the day when I don’t write something, or at least think about writing something. I write the kind of book that I would like to read and the fact that other people read them as well is indescribably wonderful. With this modern technology I hope to reach more readers so that I can one day sit behind that desk and sign a few books for anyone who cares to show up.

Until then I’ll keep on writing

See you soon


Countdown to awesomeness

Hi there,

in my last post I hinted at the changes to come, the things I have worked hard on would be finally coming together. Well, now the clock is ticking and the countdown to awesomeness has begun.

In the days ahead I’ll be giving little titbits of news about this event which I’m bubbling with excitement over.

As always, keep watching this space,

see you soon


Things finally coming together

Hi there,

a few months ago I gave a teaser about things on the horizon for the Col Sec series. One of the teasers was the new header on my blog which I was ecstatic about. Recently though I was reminded of the old adage that the best laid plans of mice and men, so on and so forth well in this case that proved painfully true.

The plans I had went astray due to the misleading guidance from certain people who, then said they would help but later their ‘so called’ help proved to be nothing more than mist in the wind.

Things now though are back on track due mainly to the unwavering help from a very talented person who shall, for this moment go unnamed, and my determination to forge ahead with the plan.

In the days ahead I will be giving out further teasers about what I have in store for the Col Sec series and I hope you’re as excited to find out what they are as I am to show them.

For now though, that’s all I’ll say except to add, watch this space.

See you soon