Reality sucks

Hi there,

I never understood what ‘Holiday Blues’ meant until recently. I returned from a two-week break in Turkey recently and because of work commitments had to start back work almost the moment I landed at the airport. Actually I had around three hours sleep before heading off to where I was greeted, not with pleasure at my return but disdain for the fact I actually took time off to go on holiday.

It had been arranged prior to my going but because of a managerial oversight it left us short-staffed. Because it had been agreed upon though I was allowed my time off, but that didn’t stop the manager and the MD both giving me a hard time for their oversight. Anyway, that being said, I had a great time whilst on holiday.

Turkey is only two hours ahead of us but it was enough to throw my system out of whack for days. Not only was I exhausted when I got home from work, and I think the stress from the attitude of the two bosses had a little to do with this, but because I was still operating on Turkish time I was ready for bed well before my norm. It also affected my ability to write, I found it difficult to concentrate on the book I was trying to finish. I also felt slightly depressed, I couldn’t find enthusiasm for anything.

This was only a temporary symptom though as I began to feel more like my old self the longer I was back home. Work settled down and after a few good nights sleep I began to function once more. I began to write once more and now I am on the last few pages, tying up all the loose ends and I’ve even found myself thinking about the next book in the series.

So to sum up, this post may have taken its time to reach you and for that I can only apologise but now things are back to a semblance of normal I like to call life.

See you soon




About jandomagala

Having worked in the ceramic printing industry since leaving school in the early 70's I've had a passion for the written word. I started writing in the 80's and since discovering the self publishing world have finally seen the first part of my ambition come to fruition, my name in print. Now with the help of wordpress and other promotion tools I hope to see the second part of my ambition come true, to earn a living from writing.
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