Cast for the new Col Sec movie.

Hi there,

here’s a little teaser for you, and this is just for fun.

Let’s say a big movie producer had just bought the rights for the Col Sec series of books and they planned on making Ronin. Who would you cast in the movie?

I’ll start things off with Johann Urb as Kurt Stryder.

What are your thoughts on my choice and if you differ in opinion then who would be your choice? Let’s not stop there though, who would be your choice for the rest of the guys in Col Sec’s first outing?

Happy choosing people,

that’s all for now



Here I come.

Hi there,

I’ve recently become a member of Wattpad to try to expand my readership. For those of you unfamiliar with the site it enables you to upload content for the community to view and post comments on. I suppose it could be useful as an editorial tool and I probably would have used it as such if I hadn’t already published three of the books so far.

I started at the beginning obviously so that I could introduce Kurt and the guys at Col Sec and I have just posted chapter two so I sit back and wait for the comments to come in. Check it out and see what you think, here’s the link to the site

Just enter my name into the search engine and it’ll bring up all my works so far.

That’s all for now and, as always any and all comments are appreciated and will be answered.