Hi there,

What would you do if you wanted to create a super soldier like Captain America but what you ended up with was more like The Incredible Hulk?

That is the idea behind the beginning of my new book, HERO.

Set in a future over two and a half centuries away on a distant world a government take drastic steps to win a war against an alien species, a war that threatened the future of all humankind. They set out to create a platoon of super soldiers but somewhere along the way the results were more than they bargained for.

The enhanced soldiers fight or flight response to any threat either real or perceived was changed. Flight was never an option and fight was the only way to go. This was great for the war but when the war was won how would society deal with these soldiers?

Unable to cope with them they hunt them down to kill them. Before the soldiers realise what is happening, never thinking their own people would turn against them, it is too late. They are all slaughtered except for one who is captured and thrown in the Pit, a penal colony deep underground in a remote part of the planet.

Fifty years later and this soldier has not aged, an unforeseen side effect of the treatment and is needed to save the planet.

Can they trust a man who they used then threw away for half a century? Can they work with someone whose only response to any threat whether it be actual or only perceived is to wage war? Would he harbour any resentment toward them? Could they put their differences behind them and work together to save the planet and all the lives on it?

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered in my forthcoming novel, hope you like it.

See you soon