Unnecessary censorship/editing

Hi there,

I came across something the other day which I just had to write about.

I recently found old re-runs of a show I watched on Sky back in the late 90’s called The New Professionals. As I was a fan of the original with Bodie and Doyle from the 70’s I naturally gave this a go. At the time I thought it was ok, production values were ok for a show that was partially funded by Sky, there were some good action sequences and even if some of the acting was a bit dire I quite enjoyed it. On now to the re-runs, I caught the first episode on a channel called Movies4Men, which shows some really bad action movies mixed occasionally with the odd gem, but basically they show straight to dvd fodder. Knowing this I thought I’d give this a go and see if the show was as good as I remembered or if my taste had changed. Whole chunks of the story had been ripped out and I mean ripped out. It wasn’t even done with any thought to help the story flow they had just taken out all the action scenes or fights and in some cases scenes that actually helped keep the story together. To call it a hatchet job was being kind. I went online to check out the show and found that even when it first aired on Sky it was edited poorly with some action scenes being cut. This so badly done that it ruined the shows chances of ever being shown again. It’s taken almost 14 years before it has been shown and I find it incredible that a channel that specialises in action films has taken the decision to cut this even further. What is the thinking behind all this? The other films they show are far more gratuitous than this and with all the subsequent editing most episodes make no sense at all.

I have a rumour that there is a plan to bring this original idea to the big screen. I hope whoever is behind this uses this as an example of what not to do, nor do I hope they follow in the footsteps of the producers who brought us big screen versions of Starsky and Hutch and the new 21Jump Street both of which have turned out to be embarrassing examples of movie makers who do not understand the source material and take their efforts down a completely different path, these people should not be allowed to make films period. On what planet is it a sane decision to take a much-loved action show that was watched by millions and turn it into a comedy? Simple answer, none.

In what other media does this unnecessary tampering occur do you think?

That’s all for now, see you all soon,


Busy life.

Hi there,

it’s been a while since my last post and if anyone thought I’d dropped off the face of the Earth I’m here to dispel those rumours.

It’s been more than a little hectic at work recently, so much that I’ve got up at 4am to get to work for 6am and then working through until 4.30pm. Living where I do, I don’t get home until after 5.30 at the earliest, couple that with the stress of the job and having to work for a manager who has openly admitted to me that he resents me for living where he holidays, plus the stress of moving home and you can imagine that I am more than a little tired when I eventually reach home.

That is not, by any means an excuse for not blogging on a regular basis, but it does give you some idea of the time restraints I place upon myself. I have attempted to finish off Discovery, the third installment in the Col Sec series and have reached a block in the road. Whether this is because of all the turmoil in my personal life I’m not sure, so I decided to leave it alone for now and try something else. In that respect I have started another project which is coming along nicely. On another note my partner has had a story bouncing around in her head for as long as she could remember, well she finally got around to start writing it. It has been great collaborating with her on certain points in her story as she does with mine and now she is hooked too. I write action/adventure stories set in a recognisable future but she writes fantasy and although it’s a genre I have lost touch with I must admit to admiring what she has done so far. She has a flair for painting with words in a way that brings her ideas to vivid life.

In a few short days I must return to work where I can see no let up in the near future as we are really quite busy, which is a good thing really especially in an economic climate where people are losing their jobs and having to live the best they can so I am not complaining. I am merely readying myself for what lies ahead. Soon we will be in a position to move house, Discovery will be completed as will my new project along with my partners work too. On another note my daughter will be getting married soon and preparations are going ahead for that event too. Can there be a more prouder moment in a father’s life, or sadder, than when he gives her hand over to the man she will spend the rest of her life with, I doubt it. It is proud because he is saying to the world, ‘this is my daughter, look at her she is wonderful’ and sad because he is handing over the protection of that woman to another. A father’s job is to love and protect his children and I have done that to the best of my ability with both my son and my daughter, to have to hand over part of that to another man is almost like being made redundant from the best job in the world. I will never stop loving my children they both know that but it is so hard to watch them grow up. We, as parents teach our children to find their own way in the world, to become independent and when they do we feel sad that we have done such a good job.

Anyway that’s enough for now, I’ve enough to be getting on with in the near future and I hope to see you all again soon.

Best regards,

See you soon,