What makes life worth living?

Hi there,

as austerity measures bite even further into our economies, both national and personal we are finding it difficult to live our normal lives. That’s a given I know, a veritable no brainer, but what, in your opinion makes life worth living?

To some, having luxury item surrounding them, such as plasma tv’s, leather sofa’s and the trimmings make it worth while. To others being able to go out and have a good time is what makes life bearable. On that note last night we were invited out for a few drinks by some close friends. We planned on just a quiet drink down the local with some good chat and to be able to chill after another hard week at work.

That was the plan.

When we set off we found that the local pub had a biker’s festival taking place there. They had camped out on the campsite opposite, erected a marquee tent there and invaded the pub. Now this sounds almost like a hostile takeover but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The atmosphere was electric, there was a singer in the pub entertaining the drinkers and everyone was friendly and welcoming and everyone had a brilliant time. Over in the marquee the biker’s didn’t bat an eye when a small group of strangers walked in and we were greeted like long lost friends, again it was brilliant.

We left there and staggered back home after 1am which, to some, may be early but by that time we were ready for our home made curry which was waiting patiently for us back at home.

I haven’t seen so many smiling faces in a good long time. Everyone is affected by this credit crisis the world is suffering through at the moment but  those we met last night showed us that whatever may come we’ll face it head on and beat it.

Life goes on, that’s also a no brainer, so we have to make the best of it. I know that’s been said before by other’s probably more eloquently than I ever could, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any more true.

See you soon,