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I recently started a discussion on Amazon trying to garner some reviews for Ronin, the first in the Col Sec series. The replies ranged from people hating the cover to saying I should take writing lessons, not in so many words, the kind of people who inhabit these forums are much more subtle than that. What they do though is they suggest in a semi-friendly fashion hat, perhaps you should try these text books out, which are of course on the use of the English language.

It’s well known that there are a number of reviewers on Amazon, and I suppose on any website that incorporates forums for the use of discussion, who browbeat and tear apart those newbies who dare to invade their sacred territory like sharks attacking chum that was thrown overboard. If you want to get known on Amazon though you have to harden your skin and endure the haters and sniff out those who actually try to help, and to be fair I’ve had more than a few really good suggestions and bit’s of information that I was unaware of.

Anyway, having got that off my chest I would just like to add, for those who are interested, and I’d like to think that’s all of you, my interview is online at Please check it out.

here’s the link again,

That’s all for now folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend,

see you soon,



About jandomagala

Having worked in the ceramic printing industry since leaving school in the early 70's I've had a passion for the written word. I started writing in the 80's and since discovering the self publishing world have finally seen the first part of my ambition come to fruition, my name in print. Now with the help of wordpress and other promotion tools I hope to see the second part of my ambition come true, to earn a living from writing.
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