It’s a Hard Life.

Hi there,

on my home from work today I was listening to the radio and they played a song picked by a member of the audience in a category called ‘Freedom Track’, the idea being that someone picks a song that they thought epitomised how they felt upon finishing work for their day, hence ‘Freedom’

The track chosen was an oldie, but great track none the same, Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

As I listened to the track I suddenly realised that it summed up quite well how I feel at the moment.

The song says that when the day ahead of me seems impossible to face,

and just lately most days are like that, my life just lately seems to consist of one catastrophe swiftly followed by a calamity with disaster right behind it,

the song goes on to say that you know someone else who always seems to know the way.

I think most of us knows someone like that, that someone who seems to live the charmed life, is not troubled by financial worries, that everything they attempt turns out perfect, the perfect job, the perfect home, perfect kids, perfect everything and they continually run off at the mouth about their holidays, where they went at the weekend, how nice their home is now they’ve done this or that to it blah blah blah. Now I know there’s an awful lot in that past run on sentence. Something writers are supposed to shy away from but I did it deliberately to convey some of the angst and frustration I’ve been feeling of late.

Don’t feel sorry for me, that’s the last thing I need. My God my life is perfect if you compare it to some, especially those living in war-torn areas or those that are famine ridden.

The rest of the song, to get back on topic, says, “Then I look at you, and the world is alright with me. Then I look at you and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day”

My wonderful girlfriend; my family, my son, daughter, their partners and my grandkids all help me to get through this and be able to fight on through. With their help and love I can continue on this wonderful journey called life. To strive to better myself, to continue to grow as both a writer and person.

See you soon



Hi there,

I recently started a discussion on Amazon trying to garner some reviews for Ronin, the first in the Col Sec series. The replies ranged from people hating the cover to saying I should take writing lessons, not in so many words, the kind of people who inhabit these forums are much more subtle than that. What they do though is they suggest in a semi-friendly fashion hat, perhaps you should try these text books out, which are of course on the use of the English language.

It’s well known that there are a number of reviewers on Amazon, and I suppose on any website that incorporates forums for the use of discussion, who browbeat and tear apart those newbies who dare to invade their sacred territory like sharks attacking chum that was thrown overboard. If you want to get known on Amazon though you have to harden your skin and endure the haters and sniff out those who actually try to help, and to be fair I’ve had more than a few really good suggestions and bit’s of information that I was unaware of.

Anyway, having got that off my chest I would just like to add, for those who are interested, and I’d like to think that’s all of you, my interview is online at Please check it out.

here’s the link again,

That’s all for now folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend,

see you soon,


Interview update.

Hi there,

I’ve been lax of late in posting but, and I know this is no real excuse, I’ve been busy trying to get the third installment of the Col Sec series  finished.  It’s going really well by the way guys, the ideas are coming thick and fast and the story is flowing like you wouldn’t believe.

Now to the point of this post, I recently underwent an interview with a website for independent authors and I’m here today to inform you that the advert for the book goes online tomorrow and the interview will be posted the day after on the 18th.

I’m really pleased for this opportunity and grateful beyond words for the chance given to me, freely by Shawn Graham.

The website is so please, check it out.

See you all soon,


New hope

Hi there,

in the last few months whilst writing my third installment of the Col Sec series I’ve wondered if all the work and effort has been or is going to be worth it. Then I saw a link to a writer named Dean Wesley Smith who has a blog and on this blog he explodes some of the myths associated with writers, writing and the publishing industry and it’s given me new hope.

Some of the stuff he writes about is eye-opening to say the least, and I must say it has given me somewhat of a new outlook on the entire thing.

A lot of the myths about writing are perpetrated by other more successful writers or writers who’s egos are bigger than their abilities and knowing that has helped give me the confidence to continue with what I’m doing.

I know deep in my heart that some day I will be able to be successful in what I do, that the Col Sec series will begin to sell and when that happens I can look back with pride and be glad that I didn’t listen to the doubters.

Pretty soon the cover for Omega will be completed, the editing will be done and dusted and I can get the book out there for you to sample or buy and enjoy. Hopefully by the end of the year the third installment, Discovery will be following into publication and people will be able to see how all the stories are linked and come together in a really cool way. For those who read them and become fans, what I’ve planned for the fourth installment will blow you all away.

That’s just the start folks, stay around, I promise you a great ride.

See you all soon,



It seems my interview on has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but I promise that as soon as I know anything about when it’ll go online I will post the news on here.