Bank Holiday blues

Hi there,

another bank holiday is here and this time the weather is not playing nice.

The campsites are all full around the Derbyshire Dales and everyone is out enjoying themselves the best they can, considering. At the beginning of the month, the Mayday bank holiday graced us with weather the Mediterranean struggled to match but this time, just a few short weeks later, we’re graced with clouds, possible showers and temperatures around ten degrees lower than before. This brings to mind an old joke, “If you don’t like British weather, just wait a minute.”

Having said that I’m sure it won’t dampen the spirits of those campers who are hardened against these adversities and continue all the same.

Whatever you plan on doing this weekend, or are already doing, then I hope you have a great time.

See you soon,


Comic book fan

Hi there,

as a comic book fan of old I welcome the move of some of my favourite Marvel characters to the big screen. With the advent of digital technology it can only be good news for the special effects heavy stories that originate on the page, but, and there’s always a ‘but’

Why does there have to be a ‘but’?

Can’t the movie makers leave well alone and stick to tried and tested story’s that the fans have grown to love over many many years?

Simple answer!


This really riles me, Wolverine was a film featuring a comic book character and not a film of the comic book character. To get a film soooooo wrong must take a degree in stupidity that is beyond my understanding, and yet they’re planning a sequel which I just don’t understand.

Now we come to another monumental cock-up, again associated with the X-Men franchise, I of course refer to the new offering of X-Men First Class.

Have these people even read the original comic books that these characters came from? or do they just pick characters at random and simply make it up as they go along.

Is this just another re-imagining of a tried and trusted formula or just what the film makers think how the story should go?

Whatever the reason, why don’t they just adapt the original story?

Surely the argument that the original story can’t be adapted for the screen until they could do it justice isn’t valid any more and for this I use the Lord of the Rings as a prime example. If that book can be filmed and win the accolades then a comic book should be easy.

No doubt there will be some out there who will disagree with most of what I’ve said and that’s okay, after all, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’ve voiced mine here and I welcome anyone to join in and leave a comment either for or against what I’ve said.

It would be interesting to see what you think on the matter.

See you soon


Monumental weekend on the horizon

Hi there,

this weekend could be monumental in so many ways; first and most importantly Stoke City have reached the FA Cup Final for the first time in their history. Now I don’t follow the club but seeing as how I originated from Stoke-on-Trent I thought it only just that I give them a mention and wish them well in their match tomorrow afternoon.

Is it just me or has the FA Cup Final been down graded? I remember when I was growing up Cup Final day took over the tv. You’d get up early, get whatever chores you had finished so that come mid day you all could sit down and watch the build up on tv. You’d watch how each team got through to the final, watch them making preparations, see them arrive in the buses in their new suits and then the match. It was fantastic and it didn’t matter who was playing because you’d always find someone to root for.

Now though, it’s just another match. I actually heard a news reporter on Sky News this morning say that the big match on Saturday is Manchester United to see if they could claim their blah blah championship title blah blah blah, and the other match is the cup final when Manchester City would try to win the cup for the blah blah blah time and then he mentioned that they were playing Stoke who had never won it. They did make up for it by showing a report from the area visiting local businesses who were supporting the team, which was nice.

Anyway, I will hopefully be watching the match on my new tv which arrives the morning of the match, in hi def supporting the Mighty Potters and I hope whatever the rest of you are doing, you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy my day.

The other monumental thing that is happening this weekend is I have to fill in a question and answer section for an interview on a website for indie authors. This is definitely a first for me. When I started writing it was as a hobby but as I thought about trying to get my work published, I suppose as most writers do, you wonder what it would be like to strike it big and have to do signings, interviews and such but I never considered it would happen. Being an indie author, or self published writer I have to do everything that a publishing house would normally do for a writer who had a book coming out in regards to advertising said book, but without the financial backing of said publishing house. So, to have the opportunity of an interview is a god send and one I’m not about to turn down.

I will of course keep you appraised of when it will go online and then if anyone is interested they can check it out.

That’s all for now,

See you soon,


Writer’s block returns with a vengeance

Hi there,

it’s been a while since I last posted, partly because I’ve been busy with work commitments after the extra long Easter break and because while I’ve tried to concentrate on the third installment of the Col Sec series I’ve found that I’ve neglected my blog.

Perhaps neglected is the wrong word, it’s more like that I haven’t been able to think of anything to post on here and instead of posting absolute drivel I thought it best to wait until I had something worth saying before sitting down to type.

Now, you might say that what this is, constitutes drivel and I wouldn’t argue too much on that point either. I just thought that if anyone was interested on why there has been fewer comments from me here then you had the right to know why.

I’m finding the third installment of the Col Sec series to be my most challenging novel yet, both in its scope and the various character viewpoints that I have to constantly keep aware of. I’m excited by the story arc and how it all develops throughout the series and once people latch onto it I’m sure it’ll be among many ‘looked for’ series already out there.

Anyway back to work now, hope to see you soon with news of the release date for Omega, the second installment of the Col Sec series, until then, keep safe and keep reaching for the stars,