Possible disaster looming

Hi there,

why is it that when you think things are moving along swimmingly something comes along to knock you out of your stride?

I touched on this subject earlier when I spoke about good news always being followed by some bad. Well we had some good news finally the other day, when my partner went for a job interview and was accepted, great you might say and so did we. It was the bit of news we had waited on to help make life a little easier. Then came the car trouble which has been compounded by the fact that she needs a new car to be able to do this or any other job. We  actually have the opportunity of another car on offer to us, but there is one huge stumbling block and that is, of course being able to pay for it. Everywhere we tried to finalise this small little deal we met  hold up after trip up after rip off and its becoming a huge joke. It seems the financial world is populated by idiots who seek to serve themselves and no other.

Whilst going through all this I was met the other week at work with the possibility of one or more of the workers facing consultation again because of work supposedly drying up and then to top that off, as if that wasn’t enough, our sales rep handed in his notice. Talk about kicking someone when they’re down!

I congratulated the guy for finally growing a set and doing the only thing he could do to gain any respect from the boss and that was moving to a company that would respect his skill sets and appreciate him for what he can do. He’ll be a real asset to his new employer and I just wish his old boss would pull his head down from up his ass and see what he’s done to lose such a valuable asset for us.

Anyway, that’s the state of play so far, I’m standing on the edge of a huge precipice and I just hope my balance can keep me from going over the edge. At the moment, it’s touch and go, so listen out won’t you, if you hear anyone screaming, it’s probably me falling off.

See you soon,


Comic Relief Donation 2

Hi there,

isn’t it amazing  how a good idea set’s your mind racing and you set it in motion then later on you have a rethink and spot stuff you missed. The same thing happened this morning with me, I got up and started a discussion on Amazon.com about my planned donation to Comic Relief with royalties earned this year from the sale of my book, putting links in for both my book and Comic Relief. Then having done that I returned to my blog only to find that on my original post I neglected to do the same here, so I will rectify that now so it will be very clear for anyone interested in helping me out.

The link to my book is; http://www.amazon.com/Ronin-Adventure-Mr-Jan-Domagala/dp/1453850031/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_2

and the link to Comic Relief is; http://www.comicrelief.com/

so now you have both, if you want to help me out you can access my book’s page on Amazon.com; and if you’re not aware of the charity then you can check out it’s website and see all the good they do around the world. It really is a worthy cause guys so come on let’s help change some lives for the better.

See you soon,



Comic Relief donation

Hi there,

while watching Comic Relief last night it was impossible for me not to be moved by all the films shown from around the world of all those suffering.

This morning I still had the images from last night running through my mind and I decided to do something else to help.

This may not sound too grand an idea but with all your help it could just work so bear with me for a minute.

Those of you who have read this blog before will know that I’m a writer and my book is on sale on Amazon.com. What I propose is this; and I will need all your help and that of anyone you know, for this to be of any benefit.

I propose to give all my royalties earned this year from the sale of my book Ronin to Comic Relief. That is any money earned from the sale of said book from now until December 31st 2011 will get donated to Comic Relief, so come on guys, let’s help change some lives.

See you soon,


New Theme for a new day

Hi there,

woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day. The sun was streaming through the windows, clear blue skies overhead which was a sure sign that the spring is finally on the way.

Being in a small country village it’s hard not to think that I’m on holiday as I walk around the area that will soon become the normal sights and sounds of the place I now call home.

I hope I never grow tired of this feeling of wonderment I get when I look around where I now live, I know that the novelty will, at some point wear off, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t. I hope what I now look at and say “Wow, isn’t that great” never get’s to the stage where I never notice, or worse still, take for granted. Time as they say, will tell.

In these times of job cuts, which have hit hard at home for us personally, and austerity cuts, it’s hard not to wonder how we’ll cope but I try to motivate myself and those around me with the knowledge that there are probably thousands of people worse off than we are which was brutally brought to our attention with last nights ‘Comic Relief‘ telethon. With this in mind I regard myself as one of the luckiest people alive. I live in a beautiful part of the country; have a loving family, I live with a beautiful, wonderful woman, I am employed, have an interest that gives me the opportunity to reach thousands and an earning potential to increase my income and the sun is shining, what more could anyone ask for.

It’s hard not to feel lifted when you take all that into consideration and I urge you all not to dwell on the negatives in your lives and focus on the positives. Reach out and try to help those less fortunate than yourselves like a huge number of people obviously have done over the last few months as demonstrated by the huge amount raised by that wonderful charity last night.

Together we can change the world.

See you soon, and remember,

stay positive,


Good news, bad news 2

Hi there,

recently I told you of our misfortune over my girlfriends car trouble and asked the question ‘why does some good news arrive followed closely by a huge amount of bad news’

I think I mentioned also how other people’s troubles make our petty little worries pale by comparison and this morning I woke up to something on the news that illustrated this point to a tee. I, of course refer to the earthquake that devastated Japan in the early hours of friday morning. What better way to illustrate my point, and while I watched the reports on every news channel the worry over the car was pushed completely to the back of my mind as I focussed on the report from Japan.

Later today I learned that my girlfriend had been offered a job which brightened both our days. Seeing as how her department was cutting the staff back by half at the end of March and she was among the half that were going out the door, this was a bit of good news and you know what’s coming next don’t you?

What will happen to make it all go sour, what bit of bad news will we have to endure because we’ve been graced with some good?

Is this cynical?


Have I learned that every bit of good news is followed by some bad?


So over the next few days I’ll be listening, watching and waiting for it to arrive, hoping all the time that just maybe this time, someone up there will allow this little bit of good news to go on unseen. Whatever the outcome though, you can be sure that I’ll let you know how we got on.

See you soon,


Good news, bad news

Hi there,

why is it that whenever you get some good news it has to be tempered with a huge chunk of bad?

I had a lovely phone call last night off my nephew who has just purchased my first book and he was glowing with his praise for it. He even told me it was better than other first time novels he’d read, which really lifted my spirits. He’s asked if he could proof read my next which I agreed to whole heartedly. He’s incredibly talented and has an intelligence that just sparkles so any input he may give me will be invaluable.

That’s the good news,

this morning my partner drove off to work and a short while later phoned to say her car had broken down. Now as you can imagine, living in a rural area where everything is miles from home, a car is essential, so it was with trepidation we called the RAC. when they arrived it took the mechanic a short while to evaluate the problem. The engine had seized and it was totally useless so we were left with a couple tons of scrap and no means to get around. When he told us the diagnosis we were in total disbelief as there were no signs of oil leaking or of any warning lights and seeing as how the car had an MOT only a few months ago we just stood by the road side devastated.

I don’t know if it’s God‘s joke, or a test to see if we’re worthy or simply bad luck but why does any amount of good luck you receive have to be tempered with some bad luck?

It probably doesn’t happen to everyone like this, they could quite possibly sail through life only encountering good luck, if that’s the case then I’ll give them my address and they can come to collect their bad luck because I’m sure I’ve had someone else allotted amount.

That’s a little cynical I know but it’s hard to stay positive in the face of constant adversity and possibly the only thing that helps is something I touched on in earlier posts, knowing that there are people in the world who live their lives in horrendous conditions and thank God every day for a handful of grain or bowlful of clean water. Putting my troubles next to theirs makes mine seem like a drop in the ocean.

No doubt we’ll come through this latest set back with a smile on our faces, better prepared for the next time fate takes a swing at us.

See you soon,


Settling in, yet retaining that holiday feel.

Hi there,

it’s been a few weeks now since I moved to my new home in Matlock and this last weekend saw the official handing back of the keys to my old home.

Today, with being on holiday, my partner and I took a short trip over to Chatsworth and visited their garden centre and their farm shop. It’s been a lovely day, sunny with just a hint of chill remaining in the air to remind us that spring is still not quite here yet.

As I was walking around, looking at the spectacular views I remarked to my partner that, for me, it was like being on holiday away from home. We spoke about how long it was before the novelty of living somewhere so picturesque wore off on her and if I’d ever take my surroundings for granted and not appreciate the beauty of it all.

Being the wise and wonderful person she is she told  me that although I would come to regard it as home I would never take it all for granted.

Wouldn’t it be sad if we didn’t see the world for the wonderful place it is, I know there are hell holes on Earth and some people live in them and there’s nothing I can do to change that, I may be able to ease their suffering but there is a limit to what we can do. For those who are fortunate enough to live in comfort and what we in the west consider normality, for those people to not appreciate the splendour of the world around them in my opinion is sad to say the least. It’s the age old adage of ‘no matter how bad off you think you are, there is always someone worse off than yourself”

This post may ramble on a bit, and I’m not seeking to start some philosophical debate on man’s propensity to harm each other or the world around him I was just saying what a great day I had.

See you soon,