Out with the old, in with the new

2010 is coming to a close, for some of you out there it will be a blessing that an awful year is over and the promise of better to come is just around the corner. For others it will be a year that’s been so great that you don’t want it to end.

For most of the rest of us though it will be more of the same, SSDD, same shit, different day.

Having said that, I look forward to the coming year with optimism, as I do every year, in the hope that this next year will be different, will be filled with some good fortune instead of the usual disappointment and what I’v come to realise is this. Although there are down sides in every year there are the good points too. I know this coming year will be basically more of the same but I choose to focus more on what can be done rather than what can’t.

2011 will see the birth of my second grandchild from my wonderful daughter who I know will be a great mum, my wonderful son has already fathered a fantastic little man, my first grandchild who will be four years old. These are positives that I’ll take with me into the new year. My wonderful girlfriend will be standing by me through the coming events and sharing them along with giving me support, inspiration and confidence to pursue my writing career which I hope will see some success too.

All in all I look forward to 2011 with optimism, hope and a sense of wonder and I wish everyone the same for their coming year too.

See you soon,


Where did it go?

The run up to Christmas seemed to go on forever, endless preparations, work that had to be got out on time rushing around trying to fit four weeks into three, wrapping presents, cooking the Christmas roast and now, it’s all over.

Where did it all go? no sooner than I was thinking it was getting close and then it was all over and I can’t help wonder if all the fuss was worth it.

The short answer is, of course it was!

Seeing the faces of those who received the presents light up, enjoying the time spent with family, even if it was for a short space of time, enjoying the time off work of course it was all worth it. It’s just a pity that the good feelings we all enjoy on the day couldn’t be spread throughout the year a little more evenly, maybe there would be less strife in the world if it was.

Okay that’s the sermon over, hope you all had as good a time as I did and no doubt some had an even better time lol

See you all soon and have a very happy new year


Ignorance vs Disinterest

While checking through my previous blog posts I noticed that 4 comments had been moved to trash. Being the inexperienced blogger as I am and being pleased that anyone had left a comment I checked them out.

It wasn’t until I visited the websites of those that placed the comments that I realised that the spam blocker had worked really well. You can imagine how foolish I felt at my earlier anticipation that someone had actually visited my site and not only that but had seen fit to leave a comment.

So is it ignorance or plain disinterest that keeps visitors away from new blogs? I’m still trying to figure that out, it is difficult to entice viewers to read what I put down here and like I said I’m not sure if they are unaware of this blog or just plain can’t be bothered. Either way it’s a conundrum that has eluded my locating the answer to, as yet.

I will keep doing what I’m doing until something clicks and I get it right or get noticed, so until then,

Happy holidays people, whatever you celebrate I hope you have a good time.

Bye for now


Matthew Reilly revisited

At the moment, while I’m working on my own novel, I began to re-read the first ever book of Matthew Reilly’s I’d ever read, Ice Station.

The first time I read this was purely by accident, I was in my local library looking for something to read, I’d scrolled through my favourites along with some fresh books and nothing seemed to grab my attention and then when I’d almost given up on finding something I might enjoy I saw Ice Station. It was in a stack of other paperbacks and the title was reminiscent of another favourite book of mine, Ice Station Zebra by Alistair Maclean, so I picked it up, read the blurb on the back and thought “Okay I’ll give it a go” and I’m so glad I did.

After devouring it in a couple days I was straight back down the library to get anything else by the guy. Now I proudly own his complete works and like I said at the start I’ve started to revisit the Ice Station and I’m getting as much pleasure out of it the second time around as I did the first time I read it.

Does anyone else out there have the same enjoyment as I do at reading their favourite books over and over again or are you read once and discard?

I hope to bring the same enjoyment to my readers as the phenomenal Mister Reilly brings to his and one day someone will be writing a blog about one of my books, just as I am doing now,

until then,

see you soon



Hi there,

well here we are, another weekend on the countdown to Christmas after another hectic week of mundane efforts at work where said efforts go unnoticed and frustratingly unappreciated, but hey, that’s life I suppose, certainly for a huge number of the population of this great country. If I envy anyone it’s the lucky person who works in something they really enjoy, something where they wake up every morning and actually look forward to going to work because they enjoy what they do. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I hate my job, I wouldn’t do it otherwise and there are elements to it that I occasionally get a degree of satisfaction from, and the crew I work with help the day pass by quickly with some good natured banter but these are high lights and not an overall view.

I enjoy writing period, I get a huge amount of satisfaction from putting words down and if I could just get others to appreciate my hard work then that satisfaction would go through the roof, but, and there’s always a but in situations like this. If I was a full time writer earning a living from what I enjoy doing would that enjoyment, that satisfaction wane just because I had to write, because my living depended upon it?

It’s a quandry to be sure and to be honest one I look forward having to face some day.

see you soon


Author Page

Hi there,

I’ve just completed my profile on on author central on Amazon, so now when anyone visits the page where my book is listed they have the option of visiting my very own, personal author page, how cool is that.

Anyway, putting my obvious enthusiasm aside for the time being, I do hope you enjoy it, it gives the prospective buyer a little more insight into the writer of the material on offer.

See you soon


Self Publicity

Hi there,

self publicity is something that as a fledgling writer I’m not used to but because as a self published author it’s something I have to get used to I’ve taken a few steps in this direction.

I’ve registered on Authonomy, and Goodreads and hopefully I’ll be getting some reviews of the work I’ll be posting there soon.

Keep you posted of any new news