As a budding writer I take inspiration from numerous sources and the most abundant source is other writers.

I write fiction, high adventure, adrenalin rush stories that are set in the mid twenty fifth century and my inspiration on the most part is a core group of writers who I read constantly, Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Jack Higgins, Robert Ludlum to name a few. I’ve recently discovered a few more, a couple of who began their writing career as self published authors as did Matthew Reilly of course and it was because of their fabulous results that I chose the same route. If I earn a fraction of their success I would consider myself fortunate indeed.

Their books entice the reader to go on a journey with them and that journey is breathtaking to say the least. I’ve set out to do the same. I think a good story well told can be one of the best entertainments anyone can have all that is required is a modicum of time, a comfy chair and the ability to suspend belief for the time it takes to read it. Of course, the ability to suspend belief isn’t necessary all the time. I write the type of stories that are pure entertainment, yes they are set in the future so one could assume they would be science fiction and to some degree that would be correct. I know that today’s readers are very savvy and so in an effort not to get caught out I’ve kept the science to a minimum and the rest I made up so if there are any mistakes I’ll apologise now.

Entertainment is the watch word, I’ve said this before and I’ll keep on saying it, if you, the reader get as much pleasure from reading my book as I did writing it then you’re in for a blast.



About jandomagala

Having worked in the ceramic printing industry since leaving school in the early 70's I've had a passion for the written word. I started writing in the 80's and since discovering the self publishing world have finally seen the first part of my ambition come to fruition, my name in print. Now with the help of wordpress and other promotion tools I hope to see the second part of my ambition come true, to earn a living from writing.
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