Reviews, do they matter?

I recently bought a book by David L Goleman called Event, it was the first of his proposed series which featured the Event Group, if you’re familiar with this author I’m sure you know who and what I’m talking about. I actually bought the second in the series, Legend, first and tried to get Event in and around where I live and eventually purchased it from Amazon, now to the point.

I was asked by Amazon to review my purchase which I dutifully did and when I went onto the site to see if it had been uploaded I came across other reviews for the book.

I must say I enjoyed the book, I thought it a great start to the series, it had pace, good strong characters you want to see develop and it was so heading for a series it was unbelievable.

Other reviewers had different opinions however. One reviewer in particular stated that Mr Goleman stole from every source available, now as writers, and I’m sure some of you will agree with this, we reference other material in almost everything we do. Now I know there will be those among you that will argue that what you do is totally original, but really? is anything TOTALLY original any more? This reviewer picked up on points that may or not be true, they were details that I was unaware of and never thought to check up on because I was carried along by the story.

Robert Ludlum used to say that there were plenty of good novelists around but not many good story tellers, I tend to agree. So what part do reviews play? Are they necessary?

In my humble opinion, they are helpful as gauges of public opinion but I can honestly say that I’ve never allowed any review of anything, whether it be a book, film or play to colour my own opinion. I listen to what a review has to say and I either agree or disagree, I’ve never let a bad review put me off going to see a film I wanted to see or buy a book I wanted to read and also as a budding writer I set out fully understanding that I’ll never please all the people all the time..

Now I’m aware that if anyone does read this then they will have differing opinions to the one on here and I welcome any comments you would like to present to me, good or bad, for as you all are aware, we’re all entitled to our own opinion.

See you soon


Happy Halloween

It’s sunday morning after the night where the clocks go back and I find myself wide awake at an ungodly hour even though I stayed up until 3am. How frustrating to know that come monday morning and I have to get up at 5.45am to get ready to go to work I’ll probably want to sleep for hours. Life, truly is unfair, he says tongue firmly planted inside of left cheek.

There’s nothing left to do but get on with working on my book, oh and post this on my blog of course. I find myself having a complete rethink of the direction my new book is taking and, even though this may sound as if I’m blowing my own trumpet I’m truly pleased with the reworking, it links nicely with Omega, my second book and brings together other elements I hoped to introduce to the Col Sec universe I’m in the process of creating.

Anyway, that’s all for now, must get back to work and I would just like to wish all of you a very happy halloween

see you soon



Hi there, it’s been a few days since my last post and for that I must apologise. Five days a week I hold down a full time job, yes I work too,  run a household, although my kids have all grown up and flown the nest things still have to be done, and I’m actively working on my new book so as you can see time is limited.

I recently asked a question on the forums here hoping, shamelessly for a short cut, seeing as how I had a life outside the blog and just wanted a little help. I received a few replies but only one was what I would deem helpful but even then I was left a little confused. Why is it that most bloggers and this is an assumption born of ignorance I will freely admit as being new to this community I have very limited contact so far with others, why is it that they assume people, like me, who are new to this process are knowledgeable about all the terminology and can navigate their way through the maze that is this site and many like it with as much confidence as themselves?

I stated in my question that I was new to this and needed a few tips and some of the replies bordered on being downright rude, now I have no problem with this, if they are like that to everyone it just shows the old adage right, manners maketh the man.

In closing I would just like to add that if one is to learn one must ask questions, for the only stupid question is the one not asked.

See you soon


First Sample

As I promised, here’s the first sample of my new book entitled Ronin. It’s to be the first in a series, hope you enjoy.



By the late twenty first century development in technology made it possible for star ships to travel faster than the speed of light. With hyper drive engines starships could jump into Hyperspace and exit light years from their entry point.

The government of Earth, or EarthGov. established a colonisation program and suitable planets were sought out and settled. This was the first time Man had set foot on a planet outside of our own solar system.

Some planets needed to be terraformed to make them habitable for humans to settle. This took decades but as advancements in technology were made the time it took to terraform a new world was reduced. Unfortunately, unrest at how the colonists were picked began to grow and a terrorist group called the Elysium Alliance tried to disrupt the program. This Alliance gave hope to those who thought they would never have a second chance at life. Backed by many powerful and influential Corporations who lost out on lucrative government contracts, the Alliance started building their own fleet and training personnel. Within a few short years they had manufactured enough starships fitted with Hyper drive engines to start out themselves and became a legitimate alternative to EarthGov.

This of course caused competition for the planets chosen for colonisation, and the Alliance made bold moves to reach certain planets first.

Conflict followed and inevitably, war. Many lives were lost over the next few decades until a cease-fire was reached. A decision had finally been made and reason prevailed. The Elysium Alliance had colonised almost as many planets as the Colonial Confederation as EarthGov. was now known, and an uneasy peace reined.        During the cold war the two sides kept watch on each other.


Now it’s the mid twenty fifth century and the known galaxy still has an uneasy peace.












Captain Bell was relaxing in his quarters when it started. The testing was over; he’d undergone the final batch earlier and was tired, though tired really didn’t cover how he felt, he was weary, down to his core. It had been exhausting sure, but it shouldn’t have left him feeling like this.

The pain ripped through him like wildfire, he couldn’t move, he wanted to relax but all his senses were heightened which increased the sensation. His body was burning from the inside and panic seized him. He tried to move but this only intensified the feeling.

With a supreme effort of will, he pushed himself up off the couch where he’d lain since entering his quarters. Nausea, intensified by the movement, dropped him to his knees.

He began a series of wracking coughs that convulsed his body. Blood began to spray from his mouth with each new cough, mixed with spittle it looked worse than it was, but he knew enough about the human body to know that coughing up blood wasn’t good.

He pushed himself up off his knees to stand, the room spun violently as wave after wave of nausea swept over him threatening to engulf him.

The contents of his stomach churned inside, building up like a pressure cooker until they could no longer be contained and erupted like a volcano to spray over the floor.

There was blood there too and he became afraid.

What had he gotten into here?

What had he volunteered for?

This was not what he had expected and he was certain it wasn’t what the brains behind this project expected either.

Stumbling through the door from his quarters he fell into the corridor, disoriented he paused to regain his bearings. Blinking to clear the red mist from his vision he realised it was blood.

Screaming at the top of his voice, spraying blood with every syllable, he shouted, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?”  as he collapsed at the feet of a security guard.

Coughing blood onto the guard’s shirt, he then died.

Accessing a com channel via his Neural Interface the guard said, “Sir, I think we have a situation here.”







As a budding writer I take inspiration from numerous sources and the most abundant source is other writers.

I write fiction, high adventure, adrenalin rush stories that are set in the mid twenty fifth century and my inspiration on the most part is a core group of writers who I read constantly, Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Jack Higgins, Robert Ludlum to name a few. I’ve recently discovered a few more, a couple of who began their writing career as self published authors as did Matthew Reilly of course and it was because of their fabulous results that I chose the same route. If I earn a fraction of their success I would consider myself fortunate indeed.

Their books entice the reader to go on a journey with them and that journey is breathtaking to say the least. I’ve set out to do the same. I think a good story well told can be one of the best entertainments anyone can have all that is required is a modicum of time, a comfy chair and the ability to suspend belief for the time it takes to read it. Of course, the ability to suspend belief isn’t necessary all the time. I write the type of stories that are pure entertainment, yes they are set in the future so one could assume they would be science fiction and to some degree that would be correct. I know that today’s readers are very savvy and so in an effort not to get caught out I’ve kept the science to a minimum and the rest I made up so if there are any mistakes I’ll apologise now.

Entertainment is the watch word, I’ve said this before and I’ll keep on saying it, if you, the reader get as much pleasure from reading my book as I did writing it then you’re in for a blast.


New to Blogging

Hello there, this blogging idea is all new to me so be gentle please. As a new and as yet undiscovered writer I’ve tried the usual routes to get a book deal and as many before me have decided to try the self publishing thingy. Personally I’ve decided on Createspace mainly because it seems to have all the tools required and the big advantage is that it’s owned by and uses as a resource Amazon.

Writing isn’t an easy job as most people will understand, although it’s certainly not as demanding as other more physical tasks as say digging ditches but it happens to be something that I love doing. The most difficult aspect of the whole process and I’d love to hear other’s opinions on this, is not the actual writing but getting someone to read it, and then, dare I say it, even harder still, buy the damn thing.

I considered trying to set up a website, but as a person who is just coming to terms with a computer and the internet I don’t think I’m quite ready just yet for that step. Blog’s are something I’d heard of but never took a great deal of notice of until I did some research on publishing using the internet and came across an author by the name of Scott Sigler and discovered he began with podcasts of his work and then after some more research discovered more about blogging. Not as easy as it looks on first glance so please bear with me if I make a few mistakes along the way, like I said, it’s very new to me and there seems so much to take in but I suppose the more I use it the more I’ll get used to it.

That’s all for now except to add that I hope to post some samples of my new book, Ronin, A Kurt Stryder Adventure, on here very soon for your perusal. I would be grateful for any opinions you may have on my work and any useful hints or tips you may have to help this process go a little smoother.

By for now