Let me introduce myself a bit and explain the dual author names on my website.

The Blackstar Gambit

Col Sec Series: Book 7

Jan Domagala is my every day name, it’s also the name I use when writing The Col Sec series, a thrilling Sci-fi series that chronicles the adventures of Kurt Stryder and all his comrades in The Wildfire Initiative within Col Sec. To learn more about this series visit the Col Sec Series web pages, there you will find each book in the series listed along with a little taste of what each book contains. If you are a Sci-fi fan, I think you will really enjoy these books.

Jack Dillon is the pen name I use for my more  modern thrillers, it evolved from my love of Jack Higgins, Mathew Reilly,  and Clive Cussler with more than a trace of James Rollins in the mix as well. The Dillon books are modern thrillers, the SI6 series is full of action and espionage, in many ways it is a cross between Jason Bourne, James Bond and The ATLAS Force series. I suppose this series stemmed from my love of the old UNCLE TV series but with a little bit of a Rollins twist. These books also have their own pages dedicated to them. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Death List front cover

SI6 Series: Book 1

I love hearing from my fans, so if you want to get in touch or tell me what you think of these books simply click here or visit my contact page and as always, if you have purchased one of my books…THANK YOU!

P.S. If you have  purchased one of my books please leave a review. It only takes a few moment and can be just a few sentences but leaving just a few words can help an author tremendously!

I hope you enjoy reading these as much  as I do writing them!


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